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How to get out of the U.S. military

8 Ways to get discharged from the US military Continue reading: How to get out of the U.S. military

How to find out who’s a snitch

Confidential informants are crucial to many law enforcement investigations and are especially essential in the field of narcotics investigations. Informants can provide specific information that is simply not available from other sources. Continue reading: Snitches pictures and locations  and  How to find out who's a snitch

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Criminal defenses

It does not matter if you are innocent or guilty, to convict you, the State will spare no expense. Here are some defenses, use everything you can to get free. Continue reading:  Criminal defenses  and  How to beat police investigations

How to file a complaint against a police officer

Never … ever…walk into a police station by yourself and try to file a complaint against a police officer. Civilian testers have shown that you may be harassed or falsely arrested for doing so. Continue reading: How to file a complaint

How to Screen New Clients for Dummies

All you seasoned escorts know just how important a screening process is. Newbies: you’ll now be introduced to it. Continue reading: How to Screen  and 

Tips, tricks, and common sense to make hiring an escort a breeze


First Timers: What to Expect From Your Encounter With an Escort

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How to beat any prostitution sting for dummies

Undercover cops don’t have to tell you they’re a cop. That’s a myth. If every cop had to answer truthfully when asked if they were a cop, sting operations wouldn’t get very far now would they? Continue reading: How to Beat any Sting

How the cops are tracking you

Continue reading:  No Warrant No Problem (How the police are tracking you)

Continue reading:  If The Cops Can Track You, You Should Be Able To Track Them. Here’s How.

Continue reading: Dumpster diving



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Police tactics and how to beat them

The Innocence Project has helped free hundreds of wrongly convicted people from prison in the last decade, and they point to studies which estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent, which suggests that roughly 46,000 to 100,000 people are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit. Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to believe that your innocence will protect you from prosecution. Continue reading:  Police tactics and how to beat them

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How to beat any drug test for FREE

This article is here to help perfectly nice, hardworking people get around a system that is unfair, because if an employer can’t tell from your performance that you’ve been high, then private habits should have zero relevance to your employability. Continue reading:  Beat any drug test for FREE

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Know Your Rights With Police Officers

What makes a police officer powerless? When citizens know their rights!
Police officers hate to hear these words: Continue reading:
Know Your Rights With Police Officers and Know Your Rights: ICE

How to beat Stingray, NSA, FBI and Police surveillance

Not only can stingrays be used to determine a phone’s location, but they can also intercept calls and text messages.

There’s really no such thing as an untraceable call. If the government wants to monitor or collect data on your communications, it can almost always find a way. But prepaid disposable cellphones will make you harder to track. Continue reading:  (How to)
Beat Stingray

How to get your kids back from CPS

Child Protection is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, applying no remedy, destroying the family you're supposed to protect, stepping over the corpse, and moving on to the next family. Continue reading: CPS

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