Underground America Incorporated 2018

Welcome to Underground America Inc. Are you tired of the boring and the mundane? Welcome to the underground, buckle up baby and say bye-bye to the world that you know and have come to hate.

Most people are living trifling, meaningless lives and are just taking up space. Everyone around you is caught up in the rat race. Dead end jobs and the casting couch to climb the corporate ladder.

You're not impressed or obsessed with every shiny new gadget your corporate masters produce with slave labor. You crave something more but the more they promise change the more things stay the same.

The world is full of bland, dull people who don't know how to just relax, get high and get naked. Instead everywhere you go, people are uptight, rude, gimme, gimme, with no heart all day long.

People are attention whores who can't stop talking about themselves and they're not even that interesting to begin with. Or people are drama queens who aren't ever happy unless they're stirring the pot.

But you already know what's wrong with this place or you wouldn't have come down to the underground. This is where we break the mold. This where we refuse to accept their fucked up version of reality and demand to create a new reality, of our own.

The underground is where you can stop running and start standing tall. This is where you will find the tools to take back what they have have stole from you, yourself.

No punks or fakes allowed from now on you are either a down ass soldier for your community or you are a drone who does as he or she is told with no brain of your own. A drone will go to work, will go to school, will go to church and go shopping and bow down to Corporate America and lick it's bloody boots. Are you a man / woman or are you a drone? Welcome to the Underground (alternative lifestyles) 

Underground America Inc.