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More than 1.4 million murders, rapes, robberies and assaults are committed around the United States every year, or a violent crime every 22 seconds, the FBI says. Tell your reps to stop wasting tax dollars on entrapment stings. To call your Member of Congress: US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 To locate your Member on-line: U.S. House of Representatives: U.S. Senate: 

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10 Rules to keep you safe:

By Christopher R Rice

1.) If you're going to get a prostitute/escort, go to a legit review site like The Erotic Review (TER) and read reviews about the escort. If said escort has no reviews she might be law enforcement (LE). 

Use client verification service like Room Service 2000, Preferred411, or Datecheck.

verified provider is one who has her own website, reviews on sites such as TER or ECCIE, can be found on other ad sites such as P411, TER, Date-Check and has a track record as being reputable, safe and honest.

2.) Type any escorts phone number into any search engine (SE). Real escorts will have many ads pop up. Cops don't. Don't talk sex related stuff on the phone. If the girl starts saying she'll fuck you for $100 or whatever, she may be a cop.

Don't want your information monitored online? Whatever you do, don't Google. Google Alternatives:  DuckDuckGo / StartPage 

3.) Ads: Most girls posting on Backpage can not afford professional photographs, red flag, go to the next girl. See rule #8 below on how to test the pictures to see if they are real or fake. 

Escorts that post day after day are the real deal. Steer clear of chicks who say they're in town for one day only (could be a sting). If you are on Backpage and find a girl you like, simply scroll back a few days and if she's posting daily, you're good to go. LE ads only run for a day or two. Prostitution stings are usually conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that vice officers aren't pulled off of real crimes to make some measly misdemeanor bust. Every January is National John Sting month.

4.) The trick is to separate the real hookers from the pigs. So when you find the girl that you like, tell her you want to hire her as a nude model (photography or fine art, whichever you prefer) or just for a strip tease/lap dance or nude massage, something that's legal.

A real prostitute will jump at the chance to make some easy money. Only once she's gotten naked (and I mean you've seen tits and ass, not just her underwear) do you then bring up the subject of "other services". Because no female cop will actually get naked for you, it's called "entrapment" if they do!       

Know your Rights:  Prostitution / Solicitation Laws

Prostitution, simply put, means to engage in a sexual act in exchange for money or other consideration (that is, other goods or services).

If you are charged with prostitution, it is well worth it to fight the charges. There are a number of effective legal defenses that may help you get an dismissal or a reduction of charges. These include:

Insufficient evidence,
Lack of evidence, and

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How do Backpage stings work
By Christopher R Rice

Pigs don't have to tell you they're a cop. That's a myth.

If every cop had to answer truthfully when asked if they were a cop, sting operations wouldn't get very far now would they?

Common prey for these sex sting operations are those individuals who visit a popular website known as and are known as "backpage stings". Some of the ads on this website are posted by law enforcement agencies hoping to catch individuals who are looking to receive sexual services or individuals who are providing sexual services. The main target for these law enforcement agencies are those consumers seeking to obtain sexual services from underage women; however, even those consumers who are not seeking underage women nor have any intention of being with an underage woman can still fall prey to the operation.

The room is completely bugged with audio and video equipment. Once the customer arrives at the location, the decoy will really try to press you hard for a specific sex act and name a price.

Once the john produces the cash a bunch of pigs open the door, and come to find out it was a sting ad with an undercover cop chick.

Be safe. Don't get caught. Beat any police sting by following the rules below. This information is here free of charge. Because cops should not be harassing consenting adults, get the government out of our bedrooms.      

"Just found this site and very informative. I am in the industry and learned a lot!! Thank You for your presence on the web. L E is taking advantage of good people trying to find some love in a lonely or passionless marriage! If the wives would give it up.. There wouldn't be escorts or hookers (old term from the 1800's) Now we are 'providers' of healing and satisfaction!!! Get with it America!! CoraZone XXO kisses in West Texas!!"

"I'm a provider in Salt Lake city, and I have been busted both in and Outcall. I did luck out both times and was not charged the first time. Just warned. And the second time I took it to a jury trial because it was bullshit. And the judge dropped my charges the day of my trial. I had an undercover officer expose himself to me when he walked into my room, to prove he wasn't LE. Go figure. They had no recording of the conversation between he and I and money was never offered or given. They simply didn't have a case. And after a year and half the judge dropped the charges. They were thinking they could scare me into accepting a plea bargain, but I didn't. I almost did but I knew they didn't have anything real against me. Anyone with common sense would agree with me. I'm so glad I didn't cave in and take their plea offer or I'd be on probation now. I hate worrying about being busted everyday when I'm just trying to earn a living. I have two kids and one's in college. I'm just a normal American worker bee with a family to support. I just don' have a 9-5 job. I'd pay taxes if it were legal. It would actually make life easier for me if I could prove my income. Anyway like you said we need to ban together and get this stuff legal and start going after real criminals. Keep me informed please. Thank you."       

EDITORS NOTE: To all police (LE) priest (churches) and hypocrites (snitches): This is my mind and my body, not yours. I will get high and fornicate as much as I want. You should just go back to stuffing your stupid faces with doughnuts and leave the rest of us alone. Why don't you get a real job and stop sucking on the public tit? Try working for a living like the rest of us, you lazy worthless bastards! 

10.) Verified, well reviewed escorts. With prostitution stings occurring in every city and town across the country I wrote about various ways to verify an escort is not an undercover pig. And if you're going to use sites like Backpage or Craigslist or Eros to find escorts you should still use those tips and tricks (above). Now there's a better way. The Underground only allows well reviewed and reputable escorts (click link) to post ads. No cops!! It's great for any hobbyist, experienced or novice. It gives you well reviewed and reputable escorts at your finger tips for free.

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UPDATE:  Hi, I've added escorts to this site...

Q. What makes this site different from every other online escort site?
A. Three very important things: No cops, no fake pics and no scams. Only well reviewed and reputable escorts are allowed to post ads. Click
HERE for more.

People often complain about corporate news because it seeks to entertain instead of inform, yet they don't support an alternative, independent press. Donate now so that we can keep this information current and update. Thank you for your support.

Girls number one rule: GET PAID FIRST. White people are notorious for NOT paying for an honest days work. For over 500 years white people imported black people, because white people are too lazy to bring in their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work. When importing slaves became too costly though, Americans decided to leave them in their own countries and ship American industries overseas. But only to countries where white people could take advantage of slave labor, again. READ MORE- American Slavery Today            

9.) Host- Sting operations prefer that you come to their room because they can make multiple arrest that way. Get a room, find a girl and invite her over, pigs won't go into enemy territory for a measly misdemeanor bust. Google any recent sting op and the johns went to the pigs room and got busted.

 TER,, Better than Backpage are your friends.             

This article was posted at "Underground Newz" but Google removed that site because they are greedy parasites that work hand-in-glove with the government, giving them a backdoor to all of your searches and information as well as your location. Google Alternative:  DuckDuckGoStartPage
Not only are we committed to keeping this info on the net but we are also committed to giving it away for free.

The government shouldn't be locking up consenting adults for choosing to engage in consensual behavior. Along as prostitution is completely illegal, the harms of it will greatly outweigh it being legalized. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

READ MORE- How to Legalize Prostitution 


“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.”
― Steve Martin

“We call our country home of the brave and land of the free, but it's not. We give a false portrayal of freedom. We're not free — if we were, we'd allow people their freedom. Prohibiting something doesn't make it go away. Prostitution is criminal, and bad things happen because it's run illegally by dirt-bags who are criminals. If it's legal, then the girls could have health checks, unions, benefits, anything any other worker gets, and it would be far better.”
― Jesse Ventura       

Click here for more.

5.) If an escort tries to get you to name a price and a sex act without getting naked, it's LE, RUN!! If something sounds too good to be true, it is. If a chick is really hot and charges like 100./hr. you bet your ass it's a scam or LE.

6.) Never walk into a room that you do not know who is the tenant or owner. You must witness the room registration. If you can’t do this, check all of the rooms before any transaction takes place, if it is a sting one of the rooms will be full of pigs.

This is what we need cops for? Sure there are examples of pimps horribly abusing girls, but this could be eliminated if it wasn't illegal and had to be conducted in the shadows. Nevada's legal brothels have no underage girls, no STDs and no abused girls. I thought we were at risk from outside infiltrators bent on our destruction. This is where we should allocate our law-enforcement assets?
Our politicians pimp for weapons manufacturers which kill millions. Likewise irresponsible drug companies. It's funny what some people find necessary to get outraged about. Read more: Arrest the President 

The only reason it's illegal is 'cause government can't tax is porn legal?  Get paid to have sex and video tape it and it's legal, why? Because that's taxable...if the government can't tax it than it's illegal.

7.) Call the number in the ad, make a date, get her address, call right back, cancel date, and apologize. Next, go to her address, wait a few blocks away. If it is a sting you'll see a black and white pig car pull up to pick up the johns for booking. If it is a real escort then you'll see johns pull up and leave a few minutes later in their own vehicles. Then you can call her back and make another date, keep this one and enjoy yourself. And fuck the police. Read more: 
Fuck the Police 

8.) Check to see if the pictures are real, or stolen from somewhere else. Use
Tineye on the pictures to see if they show up anywhere else.                  

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How do Backpage/Prostitution stings work?

10 Rules to keep you safe:

Know your Rights:  Prostitution / Solicitation Laws

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