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How do police stings work?/ How to Beat any Sting
By Christopher R Rice

Undercover cops don't have to tell you they're a cop. That's a myth.

If every cop had to answer truthfully when asked if they were a cop, sting operations wouldn't get very far now would they?

Some ads on the internet are posted by law enforcement agencies hoping to catch individuals who are looking to receive sexual services or individuals who are providing sexual services. The main target for these law enforcement agencies are those consumers seeking to obtain sexual services from underage women; however, even those consumers who are not seeking underage women nor have any intention of being with an underage woman can still fall prey to the operation.

The room is completely bugged with audio and video equipment. Once the customer arrives at the location, the decoy will really try to press you hard for a specific sex act and name a price.

Once the john produces the cash a bunch of pigs open the door, and come to find out it was a sting ad with an undercover cop chick.

Be safe. Don't get caught. Beat any police sting by following the rules below. This information is here free of charge. Because cops should not be harassing consenting adults, get the government out of our bedrooms.                       

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People need to wake up and live in the real world. Police lie all the time and have been caught lying on the stand under oath. Wink and nod from the judge. Like police wouldn't lie to a john or a prostitute's face to bust them or lie in court to make it stick!? People need to wake up and stop believing in "the system" (and in this corrupt country). You have no real rights, you are not protected, the government and the police are not on your side. You are owned like livestock by the corporations and anytime they want to have a recession, lay you off and foreclose / auction off your home and belongings, they can.

It is not a real "system", it is just set up to shake you down for money. The U.S. has more people in prison than any country in the world. Circumventing the elections as far back as Richard Nixon (and he didn't go to jail did he?) Even when exposed "the system" protects the corporate and government crooks and criminals.

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Adult alternatives to Backpage, Craiglist and MyRedbook.              

1.) If you're going to get an escort, go to a legit site where escorts have reviews like AdultLook or FBSM Reviews. And read reviews. UPDATE: I tried giving this information away for free and begged for donations but never received any. So I searched for advertisers but most reject adult content and those that accept adult content only pay a commission which would be okay if you ever bought something but you don't. So now I'm charging to keep this information online and up-to-date. THE ARTICLE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HAS MOVED. Click link to redirect:

10 Ways to beat any internet prostitution sting plus: Do's and Don'ts Streetwalkers