Eco-warrior planted homemade 'stingers' that took out THREE police cars as they answered emergency calls on New Year's Eve

Daily Mail

Emma Sheppard is a known environmental activist in and around Bristol 

She hammered nails into plywood to make three homemade 'stinger' traps (see photos below)
Sheppard placed them outside a Bristol police station on New Year's Eve 
The traps punctured the tires of three patrol cars responding to calls 
Conviction is the first for a police team set-up to combat anarchist crimes
In 2009 she was among a group arrested for breaking into a power station 

An environmental activist who used nail-filled pieces of plywood to disable three police cars responding to emergency calls out of action is likely to be jailed.

Emma Sheppard positioned three of the homemade traps outside a police station near Bristol on New Year's Eve, which led to the police vehicles' tires being punctured. The devices were similar to those used by police to stop suspect's cars.
The 33-year-old appeared at the Bristol Crown Court yesterday via video-link from Eastwood Park prison in Gloucestershire and admitted damaging the vehicles. 


The devices are crude contraptions that involve nails being stuck into blocks of wood, or pieces of twisted metal with screws sticking out of them. Proper stinger devices are used by police in order to stop vehicles in police pursuits.