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(We all know) Prostitution should be legalized

(How to) Legalize Prostitution

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(How to) Beat any Prostitution Sting

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(How to) Legalize Prostitution

By Christopher R Rice

Millions of tax payer dollars spent conducting one prostitution sting after another. They promised to protect the children. Craigslist bullied, Backpage harassed, MyRedbook shut down, then a prostitute was robbed and another murdered. Reverse stings, task force, Presidential initiatives and even the FBI have not been able to stop the oldest profession or protect children from human traffickers. Or keep escorts from being murdered.

The only way to make things safer for sex workers and their clients, is to regulate prostitution like the government does with gambling and booze.

It’s certainly not working well with the way it is. This is not about bringing prostitution to your city because it is already there. This is about controlling it, making it safe, taxing it and licensing it.

Once you do that, you start to take it out of the hands of criminals and sex traffickers.

Do your pimps pay licensing fees? Do the girls who work the track in your city get regularly medically tested?

Licensed adult entertainment establishments could expand into becoming legal brothels. Perhaps others with legitimate body rub licenses in good standing could be part of the conversation, but instead of having a red light district, find professionally run businesses that are properly licensed, inspected and zoned.

Your city council can come up with a workable prostitution operating plan.

With tens of millions of dollars floating around in the underground sex trade, it only makes sense that those profiting should pay and be regulated like everybody else. 

On health, safety, law enforcement and security alone it makes sense. It’s understandable why there will be hesitation, in trepidation and moral outrage. But there should at least be a conversation at council level and perhaps a referendum for citizens to decide on such a future. 

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(We all know) Prostitution should be legalized

By Christopher R Rice

It is not evil at all.  It should be viewed as a viable occupational choice. 

It should also be viewed as a valuable service for a variety of customer types.

Prostitution has always existed and will likely always exist. Despite a societal emphasis on monogamy or polygyny, and despite the criminalization of the industry, the profession persists all over the world. In the places where prostitution is legal, sex workers have more rights. They can expect the cooperation of law enforcement when they are the victims of robbery or assault. They are regulated by laws that require their regular medical testing for public safety in many countries. They can even unionize.

Any rational thinking person can clearly see the benefits of legalized prostitution.

Why is it illegal to pay for something that is perfectly legal to give away for free?

It's irrational in the extreme.

Though opponents of legalized prostitution may register complaints rooted in public health or their interpretation of human sexual dignity, moral arguments are never far behind. Logically, prostitution is not morally different from the production of pornography; an industry that is legal, unionized and regulated. Through that regulation, the state ensures that no minors act in pornographic films and can even insist on condom use in scenes of intercourse.

Legalizing prostitution could remove the need for pimps. It could help law enforcement prosecute human trafficking more efficiently and remove thousands of children from terrible exploitative positions without sentencing them to detention. It could create a legal market for those who solicit sexual services but not enforce the misery of others. If we can look past our antiquated morality, we could see the wisdom of this change.

1.) It can be taxed
2.) It can be regulated
3.) Sex workers can be screened for diseases
4.) It would cut the economics right out from under organized crime.
5.) For many unskilled/uneducated women...it would give them a way to support themselves legally
6.) As long as there are men and women...there will be men willing to pay...and women willing to accept money for sex. To think otherwise is delusional.

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QUOTES: “The obscenities of this country are not girls like you. It is the poverty which is obscene, and the criminal irresponsibility of the leaders who make this poverty a deadening reality. The obscenities in this country are the places of the rich, the new hotels made at the expense of the people, the hospitals where the poor die when they get sick because they don't have the money either for medicines or services. It is only in this light that the real definition of obscenity should be made.”
― F. Sionil José, Ermita: A Filipino Novel us: why stand on your feet all day for slave wages when you can get rich on your back?”
― Tom Carter, Unsavory Elements: Stories of Foreigners on the Loose in China