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(How to) Make Dynamite (Version I)     

By The Jolly Roger

Dynamite is nothing more than just nitroglycerin and a stabilizing agent to make it much safer to use. 

For the sake of saving time, I will abbreviate nitroglycerin with a plain NG. 

The numbers are percentages, be sure to mix these carefully and be sure to use the exact amounts.  These percentages are in weight ratio, not volume.

no.  ingredients             amount

#1NG                                 32

     sodium nitrate              28

     wood meal                     10

     ammonium oxalate      29

     guncotton                      1

#2NG                                  24

     potassium nitrate         9

     sodium nitrate              56

     wood meal                     9

     ammonium oxalate       2

#3NG                                   35.5

     potassium nitrate          44.5

     wood meal                      6

     guncotton                       2.5

     Vaseline                           5.5

     powdered charcoal        6

#4NG                                   25

     potassium nitrate           26

     wood meal                       34

     barium nitrate                 5

     starch                              10

#5NG                                    57

     potassium nitrate           19

     wood meal                       9

     ammonium oxalate        12

     guncotton                        3

#6NG                                    18

     sodium nitrate                70

     wood meal                        5.5

     potassium chloride          4.5

     chalk                                  2

#7NG                                     26

     wood meal                       40

     barium nitrate                  32

     sodium carbonate           2

#8NG                                     44

     wood meal                        12

     anhydrous sodium sulfate  44

#9NG                                      24

     potassium nitrate            32.5

     wood meal                        33.5

     ammonium oxalate         10

#10NG                                   26

     potassium nitrate            33

     wood meal                       41

#1NG                                    15

     sodium nitrate                62.9

     wood meal                      21.2

     sodium carbonate          .9

#12NG                                  35

     sodium nitrate                27

     wood meal                       10

     ammonium oxalate         1

#13NG                                  32

     potassium nitrate           27

     wood meal                      10

     ammonium oxalate        30

     guncotton                        1

#14NG                                  33

     wood meal                      10.3

     ammonium oxalate         29

     guncotton                        .7

     potassium per chloride   27

#15NG                                   40

     sodium nitrate                 45

     wood meal                       15

#16NG                                   47

     starch                                50

     guncotton                         3

#17NG                                  30

     sodium nitrate                22.3

     wood meal                      40.5

     potassium chloride        7.2

#18NG                                  50

     sodium nitrate                32.6

     wood meal                       17

     ammonium oxalate        .4

#19NG                                  23

     potassium nitrate          27.5

     wood meal                     37

     ammonium oxalate       8

     barium nitrate               4

     calcium carbonate        .5

Many of these chemicals are sold under brand names, or have household equivalents. 
HERE is a list that might help you out.

acetic acid                vinegar

aluminum oxide             alumia

aluminum potassium sulfate alum

aluminum sulfate           alum

ammonium hydroxide         ammonia

carbon carbonate           chalk

calcium hypochloride       bleaching powder

calcium oxide              lime

calcium sulfate            plaster of paris

carbonic acid              seltzer

carbon tetrachloride       cleaning fluid

ethylene dichloride        Dutch fluid

ferric oxide               iron rust

glucose                    corn syrup

graphite                   pencil lead

hydrochloric acid          muriatic acid

hydrogen peroxide          peroxide

lead acetate               sugar of lead

lead tetrooxide            red lead

magnesium silicate         talc

magnesium sulfate          Epsom salts

naphthalene                mothballs

phenol                     carbolic acid

potassium bicarbonate      cream of tartar

potassium chromium sulf.   chrome alum

potassium nitrate          saltpeter

sodium dioxide             sand

sodium bicarbonate         baking soda

sodium borate              borax

sodium carbonate           washing soda

sodium chloride            salt

sodium hydroxide           lye

sodium silicate            water glass

sodium sulfate             glauber's salt

sodium thiosulfate         photographer's hypo

sulferic acid              battery acid

sucrose                    cane sugar

zinc chloride              tinner's fluid

Keep this list handy at all times. If you can't seem to get one or more of the ingredients try another one.              

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(How to) Make Dynamite (Version II)

By Dr. Boom

DANGER:  Dynamite is highly explosive (although great fun), and we suggest that if you actually attempt to make this - make it in very low quantities so you don't blow the roof off your house. Also use extreme caution!


              glass bowls
              stirring rods
              newspaper or Kieselguhr
              sodium, potassium, or ammonium nitrate
              guncotton, gunpowder or plastic explosives
              cotton and cardboard
              detonator (see below)

Newspaper is used here, but originally you use Kieselguhr (a  porous silica substance) but the book says that newspaper works just as well.

With the silica substance it is more like plastic, with wood pulp it is more like paper mache.


First soak strips of newspaper overnight so they become mushy and then mush it in your hands until it becomes more like a
paste (TIP: You can do that with the blender set on liquify to speed things up).

Keep the nitroglycerine in the fridge at all times!

Collect the pulp with a strainer and let it dry slightly and then add on the chemicals listed above (except for the nitroglycerine) with pulp being 2 parts and the chemicals being 1 part (ratio 2:1).  Mix well.

Almost done! 

Now put it in the fridge for an hour and then pour 1 part nitroglycerine and 1.5 parts mixture (ratio 1:1.5) and use the thermometer to make sure everything is below 15 C.

Now make a cardboard tube 3 inches long with a radius of 1cm. Put cotton in one end as a plug and pour in the dynamite  until it is 2/3 full (2" down the tube) and leave it in a safe dry place.

When it's dry, fill the remaining 1 inch (1/3) with either gunpowder, guncotton or plastic explosives and cap the top and stick in a fuse, which should be wires with a rocket igniter at the end connected to a copper wire a long distance away to a  power source. 

You can also use a timer, but DON'T LIGHT the damn thing! Be careful with this stuff unless you want to join AstroBoy - the
pressure given off is about two million pounds per square inch.              

Below are five different ways to make a very common explosive. Dynamite. (Version III)

By Jack the Ripper

1.) Nitro........................ 12%
     Guncotton.................... .5%
     Ammonium nitrate.............. 87.5%

2.)  Nitro........................ 88%
      Potassium nitrate............ 5%
      Tetryl....................... 7%

3.)  Nitro........................ 24%
      Guncotton.................... 1%
      Ammonium nitrate.............. 75%

4.)  Nitro........................ 75%
      Guncotton.................... 5%
      Potassium nitrate............ 15%
      Wood meal.................... 5%

5.)  Nitro........................ 80%
      Ethylene glycol dinitrate.... 20%

After making this stuff, pack it in a cardboard tube and expoxy each end.

Be very careful it is unstable because of the nitroglycerine (nitro). 

Before it is totally dry stick a good fuse in one of the ends. Light, throw, and run as if your life depends on it!  Because it does.