Covert Actions

By Christopher R Rice

1.) We can find creative subtle means of sabotage. Like calling 911 and giving bogus info, all day, every day. Until they can no longer afford to maintain this crooked, unfair, unjust and corrupt system.

Prepaid phones known colloquially as “burners” can provide you with partial privacy. Even the NSA can’t track them with accuracy.

The term "burner phone" is a slang that refers to cheap, disposable pre-paid cellular phones. Burner phones are often associated with illegal activities; however, people can use burner phones for legitimate temporary phone numbers.

The big advantage that burners have over traditional wireless phones is that the user’s personal data isn’t logged at the point of sale or by the service provider.

Getting started just takes three steps:

1.) Buy a prepaid phone;

2.) Buy an airtime card;

3.) Activate the phone and add your airtime to your account. It’s extremely easy. You can add airtime directly to the phone using a “pin” number. The exact process differs from carrier to carrier, though. You need to read the instructions on your airtime card.

Calls made on burners are generally transmitted over existing networks.

In 2012, a federal appeals court ruled that people using prepaid cellphones had no “reasonable expectation” of privacy, and that the government was free to track away.

Recent leaks on the US government’s domestic spying program, it appears that burners can be legally traced. It’s just a lot more difficult.

2.) Eco-warrior planted homemade 'stingers' that took out THREE police cars as they answered emergency calls on New Year's Eve
By: Daily Mail

Emma Sheppard is a known environmental activist in and around Bristol

She hammered nails into plywood to make three homemade 'stinger' traps

Sheppard placed them outside a Bristol police station on New Year's Eve

The traps punctured the tires of three patrol cars responding to calls

Conviction is the first for a police team set-up to combat anarchist crimes

In 2009 she was among a group arrested for breaking into a power station

An environmental activist who used nail-filled pieces of plywood to disable three police cars responding to emergency calls out of action is likely to be jailed.

Emma Sheppard positioned three of the homemade traps outside a police station near Bristol on New Year's Eve, which led to the police vehicles' tires being punctured. The devices were similar to those used by police to stop suspect's cars.

The 33-year-old appeared at the Bristol Crown Court yesterday via video-link from Eastwood Park prison in Gloucestershire and admitted damaging the vehicles.

Read more-

The devices are crude contraptions that involve nails being stuck into blocks of wood, or pieces of twisted metal with screws sticking out of them. Proper stinger devices are used by police in order to stop vehicles in police pursuits.      

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(How to) Openly Fight the Emerging Police State

By Christopher R Rice

Maybe you are willing to sit around and watch this grisly genocide and never do a damn thing about it but that's not how I was raised.

The US government, the police and the US military are completely and totally out of control. If you haven't seen the news they admit to using white phosphorous, they admit to torture and the courts see nothing wrong with shooting and killing of unarmed citizens who's only crime was following every order given by the police. The US military killed 3,000 civilians in Iraq in just in one month, last month. This is completely and totally unacceptable. This would be the equivalent of 10
Mỹ Lai Massacre (300 to 500 civilian casualties.)

If you are okay with what our government is doing than you are my enemy as well. 

1.) From now on when a police officer is trying to pull you over do not stop, drive to your nearest ghetto, call ahead and we will be waiting for you. When you show up, exit your car and join the crowd that I have gathered together and let us deal with the police.

2.) Whenever the police have one of us pulled over, hemmed up don't just drive by and keep going. Stop, get out and start filming. Record the Police We must use our cameras every time police harass us to catch them in the act. Then we can use the Internet and the viral media to expose these actions worldwide.

3.) Know Your Rights With Police Officers

What makes a police officer powerless? When citizens know their rights!

Police officers hate to hear these words:

“Am I free to go?”

“I’m going to remain silent.”

“I do not consent to a search.”

You have rights during a traffic stop or during any police encounter. Learn what your rights are and use them!

4.) Start by putting the police officer at ease. Be courteous, stay calm, smile and don’t complain. Show respect and say things like “sir and no sir.” Never bad-mouth a police officer, stay in control of your words, body language and your emotions. Keep your hands where the police officer can see them.

5.) I’m Going to Remain Silent - The Supreme Court says you should never talk to a police officer even if your not under arrest, without an attorney present. The Supreme Court ruled you must speak up and SAY to the police officer “I’m going to remain silent” and then keep your mouth shut even if you’re not under arrest.

6.) Just Say NO to Police Searches! - If a police officer didn’t need your permission to search you, he wouldn’t be asking you. Never give permission for a police officer to search you, your car or your home.

7.) Am I Free to Go? - As soon as the police officer ask you a question ask him, “Am I free to go?” You have to ask if you’re “free to go,” otherwise the police officer will think that you’re voluntarily staying around to talk with him. If the police officer says that you’re being detained or arrested tell the police officer, “I’m going to remain silent.”

Police officers depend on fear and intimidation to get what they want from you and this includes giving up your rights. The government made a law that allows police officers to lie to American citizens.

For the safety of police officers the government allows the police to pat down your outer clothing to see if you have any weapons. If the police officer feels something that he believes is a weapon, then he can go into your pockets and pull out the item he believes is a weapon.

Source: PoliceCrimes

8.) Vote Out Politicians Who Condone Police Brutality Politicians who do not address issues like police brutality must be voted out of office.

9.) Take Legal Action Against Police We need to take legal action as well. The best way to hurt police brutality is by hitting them in the pocket. If the police keep on getting sued for brutality they’ll be forced to deal with the issue. Every incident of police brutality should be reported to both the government and the media.

Police are fully aware that they have a dangerous job in which they may get killed or injured dealing with criminals when they sign up for the job. Criminals whether they be black or white do not represent the black community but police do represent the government. Black citizens did not sign up for being at risk for police brutality or killings. When unarmed peaceful civilians are killed by the police, they are being killed by agents of the government that is supposed to represent them.

Should We Trust Police Officers?

Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected. Related article:
46,000+ American citizens are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit.

Police should be in the communities to serve and protect not to harass and arrest. The war on drugs is really a war on the community. People are treated like insurgents in occupied territory and not citizens in need of protection. We need to address how the war on drugs has become a war on us that has caused more problems than it has solved.

In America it is the criminals who get promotions and bonuses, bailouts and tax breaks. The middle class gets the squeeze and the poor are either caged up or shot like dogs in the street.

We have given them every benefit of the doubt, every chance to reform, we can not in good conscience continue to wait and hope, we must act.

We live in a time when elected politicians ignore the needs of their constituents; where the judiciary and police institutions will not uphold the rights of citizens; where the media are afraid to report the truth; where lawlessness abounds and ordinary people are left unprotected and defenseless against the rapacity of a few. The answer to our dilemma is for people of courage to actively help each other. Only if we unite can we succeed. That is the only way. There is no other way. 

The New Underground Railroad

By Christopher R Rice

I will rebuild the Underground Railroad, a string of safe houses from coast to coast. Open tyranny has actually come to America and today it is a fact that good people have been arrested and incarcerated for whistleblowing, using medical alternatives or just being activist in the unAmerican injustice system.  

I think it is high time and long overdue that We the People stand up against tyranny and oppression and offer our whistleblowers some form of protection or people won't continue to blow the whistle on crime and corruption any more, will they? If you knew that you would be facing 10 years in prison for telling the truth, what would you do? Lie?

We have it in our power to set this up. It is not rocket science, they were able to accomplish this over 100 years ago without GPS, cell phones or social networks. Please heed this call now, open fascism has come to America and while we may not be able to stop it we can prepare. Help me get us prepared by making a one time donation in any amount at the Paypal button in the right sidebar. And thank you for your support.

All aboard.

What you choose to do is up to you, I have chosen to get ready for the worst and pray for being wrong. But then I remember that Gitmo is still open and that now they have been talking about sending American citizens there.

I really believe that we better get busy rebuilding the Underground Railroad before it is too late. Help me now with a small one time donation or volunteer, I can not do this alone, I need your help.

I've been fighting our governments fascist policies for 35 years and I've rarely needed to ask you for anything, now I need your help, please donate or volunteer so we can make this a reality and thank you for your support.

Welcome to the Underground

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." -Harriet Tubman   

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