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The slave labor behind your favorite clothing brands: Gap, H&M and more exposed

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(How to) Protest / End Slavery (For Dummies)

By Christopher R Rice

Here are some free tips to help you avoid/end slavery and child labor. You can also help end slave labor by making a donation to support a free press.

1.) Buy as little as possible from big corporate stores. Instead buy from local mom and pop shops, buy online through individuals on Ebay or through a home based online business or thrift stores as much as possible.

2.) Buy your groceries from farmers markets as much possible. Grow a garden and avoid fast food.

3.) Avoid products made in countries with known slave labor abuses such as, Thailand, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia.

4.) Use as little gas as necessary. Walk and bicycle as much as possible.

5.) Banking, close accounts with large banks like BofA, Wells Fargo or Chase. Move accounts / loans to small local credit unions.

6.) Pay with cash as much as possible and avoid using plastic/credit/debit.

7.) Avoid buying the latest gadgets. Buy used or second hand instead.

8.) Recycle clothing. Mend, repair and recycle by donating old clothes and shoes to churches/homeless.

9.) Stay out of the malls and .99 cent stores.

10.) Contact congress: US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 To locate your Member on-line: U.S. House of Representatives: U.S. Senate: 

11.) Contact companies individually, send polite letters informing them you will boycott their products/stores due to known slave labor occurring in their supply chains.

12.) Join groups online, participate in local protest. Get your church/online groups involved.

13.) Don't let your friend(s) buy slave made goods. Send this link to your contacts, post to your social media accounts.

14.) Donate or volunteer to groups like WikiLeaks that expose corruption. Put your money where your mouth is.

15.) Avoid Starbucks, Tyson Foods, Nike, Vans, Apple products.

These are very simple things that anybody can do on a daily basis to fight slave / forced labor.  

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