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(How to) Rob a bank and get away (for Dummies)
By Shane Dubow and Christopher R Rice

Bank robbers come in two types, note jobs and takeovers. The first involves written demands and discretion (only a single teller needs to know), the second, barked threats, brandished weapons and a greater chance for Hollywood-style violence. Note jobs, according to the F.B.I., make up about 95 percent of bank robberies in an average year, about 8,000. Takeovers secure, on average, some ten 10 times more loot, about $28,000 per. The most popular time to rob a bank is Friday morning.

1. To foil robbers, banks use an array of tools: security cameras and silent alarms, numbered bait money and exploding dye- packs, electronic trackers (hidden in the loot) and even hash-marked exits designed to help witnesses better ascertain a fleeing robber's approximate height. Many employ armed guards. Some use metal-detecting ''access-control units'''' with double-door vestibules designed to trap anyone carrying a gun. 

2. Bank robbers, for their part, espouse various schemes for boosting the odds of success. Choose banks of manageable size -- banks without too many customers to keep track of or too many windows through which passersby might glance in. Pick a neighborhood where your ethnicity, whatever it is, will not stand out. Park your getaway car out of sight from the bank itself. For the getaway driver, try using a conservative-looking woman, one who might pretend to fix her makeup while the robbers do their thing.      

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Carl Gugasian (born October 12, 1947) is an American prisoner who is serving a 17-year sentence for robbery, known as "The Friday Night Bank Robber". He is perhaps the most prolific of such criminals in US history, having robbed more than 50 banks over a 30-year period for a total of more than $2 million. Read more-   

3. Wear memorable clothes (think labels and logos) so that after you've ditched them, you'll look changed. Use bad weather to justify coats, hats and gloves. Foil downward-angled surveillance cameras by wearing long-billed caps. Hold robbery times to less than two minutes. Above all, understand that robbing a bank is a lot easier than one might suppose, principally because most banks train tellers to cooperate, and most would rather give up a little (heavily insured) money then risk the bad p.r. and potential libel of, say, a shootout brought on by too much resistance.

4. Some robbers, of course, boast more idiosyncratic tips. When it comes to electronic trackers and exploding dye- packs, for example, one long-time note-jobber believes in dunking heisted cash in a fish tank kept at- the- ready in the getaway car.

Brandishing a weapon? You don't even need a gun: According to the FBI, of the 5,500 American bank robberies in 2010 only 1,445—about a quarter—involved a gun. Most commonly, perpetrators used a demand note or the threat of a weapon, without actually showing one.

6. Team or solo? Police look-out stationed outside the bank, get away driver, decoy car to follow you and keep the cops off your ass are all great but not necessary. The more people involved the more people who might brag, rat or even testify against you. It's just as easy to walk in, hand a teller your note and walk right back out again.       

7. Second get away car. Chances are the get away car that you drove away from the bank with can be described by tellers or customers, this car should be stolen or bought at auction with cash and ditched a couple of blocks from the robbery plus whatever clothes you were wearing. Keep a motorcycle near your target so you can ditch the get away car and elude police by switching vehicles.

8. Lay low. Once you've gotten away remember police and FBI will be looking for you. Do not brag or tell anyone what you did. Do not go on a spending spree.
Source: NYTimes       

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