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"Just found this site and very informative. I am in the industry and learned a lot!! Thank You for your presence on the web. L E is taking advantage of good people trying to find some love in a lonely or passionless marriage! If the wives would give it up.. There wouldn't be escorts or hookers (old term from the 1800's) Now we are 'providers' of healing and satisfaction!!! Get with it America!! CoraZone XXO kisses in West Texas!!"

"I'm a provider in Salt Lake city, and I have been busted both in and Outcall. I did luck out both times and was not charged the first time. Just warned. And the second time I took it to a jury trial because it was bullshit. And the judge dropped my charges the day of my trial. I had an undercover officer expose himself to me when he walked into my room, to prove he wasn't LE. Go figure. They had no recording of the conversation between he and I and money was never offered or given. They simply didn't have a case. And after a year and half the judge dropped the charges. They were thinking they could scare me into accepting a plea bargain, but I didn't. I almost did but I knew they didn't have anything real against me. Anyone with common sense would agree with me. I'm so glad I didn't cave in and take their plea offer or I'd be on probation now. I hate worrying about being busted everyday when I'm just trying to earn a living. I have two kids and one's in college. I'm just a normal American worker bee with a family to support. I just don' have a 9-5 job. I'd pay taxes if it were legal. It would actually make life easier for me if I could prove my income. Anyway like you said we need to ban together and get this stuff legal and start going after real criminals. Keep me informed please. Thank you."         

(How to) Spot LE on Backpage (for Dummies)
By Christopher R Rice

1.) If you're going to get a pro/escort, go to a legit review site like The Erotic Review (
TER) read reviews about the escort. If said escort has no reviews she might be law enforcement (LE). 

Use client verification services like Room Service 2000, Preferred411, or Datecheck.

NOTE: A verified provider is one who has her own website, reviews on sites such as TER or ECCIE, can be found on other ad sites such as P411, TER, Date-Check and has a track record as being reputable, safe and honest. is crawling with LE from ICE, DHS, the FBI and local LE all with one thing in mind: arrest you, shut down BP and drive prostitution underground. Welcome to the


2.) Never ever mention specific sex acts or even the word sex! If the escort is mentioning specifics with prices on sex acts, cut off all contact.

You can inoculate yourself against being CONVICTED of anything by not agreeing (in writing, or spoken words) to exchange sex for money and by 
not speaking to cops other than to provide your name and ID.

3.) If the escort is pushing you to come right away or very soon.

LE will use a hotel incall, or ask you to pick them up and immediately start negotiating. They will always be very specific about how they word their prices, since everything is recorded for court. They will never say "Full service is $200" but they will say "Sex with me for 1hr is $200".

4.) Always reverse image search her pictures. Use
Tineye on the pictures to see if they show up anywhere else.

LE will be open to negotiation, hoping you hang yourself with as much talking about the transaction as possible since the act of paying for sex is illegal, they need proof you are paying for sex.

5.) Google her phone number, if it does not show up on other escort sites, beware! Real escorts use many sites to advertise. Don't want your information monitored online? Whatever you do, don't Google. Google Alternatives: 
DuckDuckGo / StartPage 

LE will want you to directly hand them the money, instead of laying it down and saying "This is a gift for you" because that ruins the bust, especially if you're careful not to specifically ask how much for sex acts. Instead say "Do you do 69?" instead of "How much for 69"?

I've never heard of LE posing as Transgender/Gay male or Lesbian, or Fetish providers only teen girls as that would be politically sensitive.

Finally use your intuition, going the first time is always the hardest, but once you find a good provider, you will be happy.

Frankly my stance on BP is not to use BP. Browse TER and go with well reviewed girls.

Stay Informed:

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