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Now "How to take America back for Dummies". History is full of stories to help us not repeat the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately most people don't like history and have chosen to repeat those same mistakes over and over again. History can also teach us how to correct those mistakes. Take the story of the Boston Tea Party. The story goes that America's founding fathers dressed up as Indians, boarded British commercial vessels and dumped British tea into the Boston harbor. This protest, or boycott was so successful that most Americans still drink coffee today.

But how can that story help us now? To explain this story and its significance to us today, I'd like to share another story with you. Mahatma Gandhi held a rally for the independence of India (from England.) When the people showed up Gandhi began to speak, he said something like "look around, look at each other, closely, what do you see? What are you wearing he asked them. The people were puzzled by his question, they were all wearing the fashions of the day. Gandhi continued to speak to the crowd, he said, the clothes you are all wearing are being made in England while Indian men and women can not find work. Gandhi continued, if you are serious, and I mean dead serious about independence, you must strip off all of your clothes that were made by the English, put them into a pile and we will set them on fire. A fire big enough and bright enough to be seen in England. And Gandhi continued: And, if like me you are left with just a loin cloth to wear, then wear it with pride because today you are a free man and have nothing to be ashamed of.

We came into this world with nothing and when we leave, we take nothing with us,

Today we have the same power as the founding fathers. We can take all of our fancy gadgets, our IPhone's, tablets, cars and motorcycles that were all made in Timbuktu somewhere and put them into a big pile and light it all on fire. A fire bright enough to be seen from Wall Street to the slave labor camps / factories in China.  

I know you feel trapped. Because if you don't send your kids to their immoral public schools you will go to jail. If you stop working in disgust to protest you will be fired and you don't know how to keep your home without money or how to keep the electricity on without a job. But, I'm here to tell you that none of that stuff matters. If you choose to hold onto your possessions you give up a functioning Republic, fair elections and safe neighborhoods.

The politicians are all corrupt or something would get better, instead everyday everything gets a little worse, doesn't it? After all of our votes for change you can not name me one thing that has improved from our national and personal debt to our public schools and public roads. Face the facts, either we do this and do it now or we pass this mess onto our children along with all of the debt created by corrupt politicians that can't keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

Freedom is not free, either you choose to be free or continue impotently complaining. That chose is yours to make. I am a free man and will never be a slave again.

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."-- Harriet Tubman

"The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." -- Thomas Paine

For two thousand years you have cried: "The End is near." I tell you to cry no more but to shout for Joy! C. Rice     

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(How to) Take America Back (for Dummies)
By Christopher R Rice

I don't know how I am suppose to begin this because I am not a writer. I think "who, where, when and why" are suppose to start us off so I guess that is where we will begin. The who is simple, the who is you and me and everyone else living in North America, today.

Where is here, America. When, is now, the time is now.

That leaves us with why. I was hoping that you already knew why but let me attempt to clear up any confusion by saying that this is not about progressives or conservatives, Republicans or Democrats. Americans fed up with both parties attempted to bring about sweeping "changes" by first electing an unknown Senator from Chicago, who promised us over and over again to bring "change." When that failed miserably Americans ran to the voting booths again voting for even more "change." But voting has only insured the continuation of one corrupt party or the other.

Protesting from marching to boycotts have also failed to bring about the desired "change."

We've all been through our public education system and know how bad it was, today things are much worse. The teachers have taken to raping their students. We've all seen the pictures of the student and the teacher that took it to the next level and are now running from the law. Things are not getting better they are getting much worse.

The American education system ranks 29th out of 31 industrialized nations. And every four years every politician has some new catch phrase promise like "No child left behind" but it's always just more "smoke and mirrors" like all politicians promises, worthless. Germany, Japan and Canada all spend half per student what America spends on education and their students are better educated.

So if the solutions are out there, then what is the problem? Corruption. We've always had corruption but never on this level. I know that many of you reading this sent a man into the White House to "drain the swamp" but half of his cabinet has already had to resign due to one scandal after another, and where I'm from, that is not "draining the swamp." Picking Wall Street and Big Oil executives to run your administration is not "draining the swamp" either. Just like promoting everyone from the previous administration from Ruben to Petraeus was not "change." Voting is not working.

Why? Corruption runs rampant, the candidates that cheat the most win. And regardless who wins, both parties are bought and paid for by special interest and big business. So voting is a complete and total waste of our time until we fix this mess.

So now you have two choices to make. One, you can stop reading this and get on with the rest of your life and just accept the drug dealers, the crime, the homeless problem that gets worse by the day, substandard public schools, failing infrastructure, dwindling pensions, shrinking benefits, forced overtime and all that goes with it. Or you can continue reading and I will teach you how to be free and more importantly "How to take America back" and return our Republic to a government that "is of the people, by the people and for the people."

If you wish to continue reading I need you to do something for me. I don't need your money, I do not need you to subscribe or join a militia but to continue reading this for free I need you to send this article / link- to your email and cell phone contacts / friends, post the link into your social media accounts. That's it, and thank you in advance.     

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