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(How to) Verify a client is not an undercover pig
By Christopher R Rice and
Shanequa Nelson

A few years ago I wrote "(How to) Beat Backpage Prostitution Police Stings (for Dummies)" and the other day I received this comment: "Can you make one for the girls now? I mean the escorts that are trying to beat the stings... They arrest us too!"

That article was published over a year ago here: "(How to) Verify a client is not an undercover pig" For those of you who missed it, here it is again...

Clients can check reviews, reverse check pictures and do a search engine check of an escorts phone number to make sure said escort isn't an undercover pig but what can escorts do to verify that clients are not undercover pigs?

10 RULES to help keep you safe

1.) Never accept calls from "blocked" or "restricted" numbers.

2.) Never talk sex over the phone. Money is for your time only. So prices can be given but not in exchange for any sex act. So it is okay to offer 15 minutes for $xxx.xx (enter the amount that you charge) or 30 minutes for $xxx.xx or an hour for $xxx.xx because you are only selling your time, which is legal. 

Experienced clients will understand when three different prices are offered it's because a girl has three holes. The only information that should be given over the phone is a) availability, b) location and c) price. If they want to keep you on the phone after getting those three things it should be a red flag, politely tell them you have another call coming in and have to go. Then hang up.

3.) Never ask if someone's a cop, it just makes you look ignorant. By law cops can and do lie. Cops have even been caught lying under oath.

4.) Make sure that you ask clients which escorts they have used before and references to verify them as a client.

5.) For those without references, you can accept employment/identity verification. For this you will need their full legal name; day, month and year of birth; their phone number and a blank email from their work account. This email account must look something along the lines of and include a signature with their work phone number or title and department. You need to be able to do quick public record search that confirms they are both employed and who they say they are.

For quicker verification: ask your trick where he works, if he has to think about it he's pry a cop. If you really want to make sure your new client isn't vice you can ask him for a pay stub, or a work ID/badge, if he can't provide you with something from where he works, you can refuse service.

Work verification for new clients: Simply call the clients job and say so and so applied for credit on a new car stereo and I'm calling to see if he actually works there? Yes that's it, thanks bye. 

Use client verification services like 
P411 or Verify Him orDateCheck

6.) Always, ask your "john" to get undressed before you talk business, a cop will want to talk services and prices, a client will be out of his clothes before you can blink.

The best trick is to make your clients feel "special" and turn them into repeat customers or Sugar Daddies. Once you have enough "regulars" you can avoid stings altogether.


Sting Operations prefer that you come to their room / "out call" because they can make multiple arrest that way. However, vice cops will come to your room or home / "in call".

7.) Vice cops will be driving a small vehicle usually a Ford two-door and will always have two vehicles. One for the cop acting as the "john", the other will have two pigs, for back-up. The cop pretending to be the "john" will come to your room by himself, knock and wait for you to let him in. By law an arrest can not be made until some offer of sex is made for cash, drugs or whatever. Once the deal has been made the "john" says the code word and opens the door allowing his partners in.

I mention the kind of vehicles that vice cops use because if you charge $200. hr. or more your clients will drive Lexus, Mercedes, or some other high end vehicle. If you're working a street corner or Craigslist or charge less than $200. hr. know what kind of cars your city buys Fords or Chevys by checking the police parking lot where you live.

You can meet your trick in the parking lot and if it doesn't look right, claim he's got the wrong person and move along.

You can also position someone across the street with a cell phone to monitor the vehicles coming and going from your hotel or house. If they see two vehicles come together they call you and when the client knocks, just don't answer. It's better to lose a client you've never met than to be cited or arrested. Also, do not expect the pigs doing a sting to adhere to their own rules, cops lie, all the time.

8.) Whenever you go out on an "out call" date, drive around the clients house/hotel a couple of times. If it is a sting you will see a couple of black and whites and narc cars sitting around the corner. If everything seems on the up and up, park down the street from your clients location and call him and ask if he can meet you outside. If he's at a motel and he meets you in the parking lot and he's not all over you like flies on shit he's a cop, just walk away.

Clients don't want to shake hands, clients want one thing only and if this guys cool as a cucumber he's pry a cop, walk away.

When doing "out calls", always check every room in the motel/house before any deal goes down. If it is a sting, one of the rooms will be full of pigs. If no money has exchanged hands you can claim you were only there to give a massage. This is why you never agree to sex acts over the phone.

Undercover cops are equipped with transmitting or recording devices, this type of electronic equipment is miniaturized. A police agent who’s “wearing a wire” is unlikely to be uncovered by a mere pat down. The equipment can easily be hidden in hard articles of clothing, such as belt buckles, boots, etc.

It is possible to
detect, track and locate police officers (hidden or otherwise) by using their own radios and mobile data terminals (MDT) as locater beacons.

As an example, say the input frequencies to a particular Motorola 800 MHz trunked radio system used by your local corrupt police department are 811.2125, 811.7375, 812.2125, 813.2125, 814.2125 and 815.2125 MHz, with the MDT input frequency at 815.7375 MHz (all data is taken from public FCC records).

Police vehicles equipped with Mobile Data Terminals are always broadcasting on the MDT repeater input frequency. This is because they need to send acknowledgements (ACKs) when they receive data. By monitoring the MDT repeater input frequency, you can be alerted to the presence of a hidden or approaching police vehicle. The closer they are, the stronger the signal will be.

If you ever hear encrypted voice transmissions (a static burst followed by a beep) on the repeater input frequencies –


Electronic Warfare Online Interactive Calculators

VHF/UHF Free Space Loss / Approximate Received Power Level Calculator  (Perl)

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Escort Services Are Using Counter-Surveillance To Evade The Cops

A new government-sponsored report on America's sex industry has revealed how pimps and escorts avoid detection by cops these days.
The report by the Urban Institute analyzes information on the trade in eight cities: Miami, Dallas, Washington, Denver, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, and Kansas City, Mo.

Owners of escort services (essentially high-end prostitution services) structure their business carefully, keeping meticulous books and investing in shell companies or real estate, according to the report.

“We filed taxes and opened a business account … It was an escort service that allowed for massage and strip tease, but it was the acts of prostitution that made it illegal. We had them sign contracts [that included prohibitions against prostitution], but we turned our heads,” one person affiliated with an escort service explained in the report.

Unlike any other street prostitutes, escort services actually use credit cards and often keep most of their money on the books, essentially hiding from law enforcement in plain sight. They also use sophisticated tactics to avoid police.
"In order to evade law enforcement detection, they run counter surveillance," the report said.

According to one law enforcement officer quoted in that report, there is a website called “Rate a Cop” for escort services to keep tabs on police who might be trying to root out their operations.

UPDATE: Following complaints about police officer safety based on concerns that the policeman (policeperson?) rating site (that’s Rate My Cop .com, get it?) posed a danger to law enforcement personnel because it outed the full roster, including names and badge numbers, of police officers at nearly 500 police departments around the country (to the tune of some 140,000 police officers), RateMyCop’s host – GoDaddy – unceremoniously and without warning pulled the plug on the site. 
Prostitutes are also trained to suss out possible sting operations by proactively attempting to identify law enforcement prior to committing incriminating transactions.

Strategies include:
Watching customer's body language, movement, and appearance for suspicious or nervous behavior.

Describing all actions taken by customers aloud so that, should a police officer do something inappropriate during a sting operation, it is recorded and usable in court. 

Actively catching and recording police during a sting doing something they aren’t supposed to do.      

Know your Rights:  Prostitution / Solicitation Laws

Prostitution, simply put, means to engage in a sexual act in exchange for money or other consideration (that is, other goods or services).

If you are charged with prostitution, it is well worth it to fight the charges. There are a number of effective legal defenses that may help you get an dismissal or a reduction of charges. These include:

Insufficient evidence,
Lack of evidence, and

Do yourself a favor. Think for yourself. Be your own person. Question everything. Stand for principle. Champion individual liberty and self-ownership where you can. Develop a strong moral code. Be kind to others. Do no harm, unless that harm is warranted. Pretty obvious stuff...but people who hold to these things in their hearts seem to be disappearing from the earth at an accelerated rate. Stay safe, my friends. Thanks for being here.