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Look into the future and see what’s coming. Envision every possible scenario. Crush your competition under the heel of your success like the bugs that they are. Turn traffic into magic. Sign up, use the form below (provide phone number or email for reply.)

Here's what we offer:

Brand recognition through banner ads and social media post so when a customer sees eight brands, your brand will stand out in their minds.

Brand promotion keeps your products name on the minds of new and existing customers through product reviews and product recommendations.

Besides posting your products ads/links on our websites and blogs we also employ social media. Our only sources of traffic are: organic, social media and back links. Our demographic is 55% male, 60% is 18 to 35 yrs. old and 80% is from North America/Canada. We currently reach 20 to 30,000 consumers a day or about half a million unique visitors a month.

Your cost for all of this is only $50 a month or less than $2. a day. If you pay for a year at once you get two months free. And you can pay by credit card, check or cash. 

(you can pay $500 for 12 months or $600 for 14 months)

This price includes:

1.) place/keep banner ads on my websites/blogs of your products with links to your website
2.) write articles, reviews and recommendations for your product(s)
3.) post your links and said articles into my social media accounts daily 

This generally increases our advertisers traffic and sales by 20%.

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