Underground America Incorporated 2018


Are you looking for the best place to advertise your product(s)? The Underground is a network of two websites and eleven blogs for alternative lifestyles. Easily access those hard-to-reach demographics who are looking for an online counter-culture as well as ideas to enhance their offline living!

The Underground currently reaches 800,000 unique visitors a month. Look at our user demographics:

75% are male
29% are between the ages of 18-34
56% are between the ages of 35-49
51% have annual income in excess of $100K
81% have annual income in excess of $60K
62% are college graduates
92% are from North America

The Underground offers:

1.) Place/keep banner ads (300x250 or 250x250) on website/blogs of your product(s) with links back to your website

2.) Write articles, reviews and recommendations for your product(s) (send samples for reviews)

3.) Post your link(s) and product reviews into the Undergrounds social media accounts

Your cost: $250.00 a month.

This is a relatively new site, started in 2016 which covers a wide range of counter-culture topics.

To lock in these low rates, pay for one year and receive two months free. A great bang for your advertising buck!
(TWO MONTHS FREE: you can pay $2,500. for 12 months or $3,000. for 14 months)

To pay by CC use the Paypal "Buy now" button below. No Paypal acct. required.

For more information contact Christopher Rice at 951) 532-4879 or

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