Actual size: 2" x 3.5"

Hello again. And thank you for advertising with the Underground. The Underground is offering a special promotion.

The Underground prints stickers from your banner ad(s) (see attachment) and then the Underground places these stickers inside marijuana dispensaries, bong shops and smoke shops which also advertise with the Underground, to be passed out for free.

How does this work?  The design/picture from your banner ad(s) along with your URL will be used to make bumper stickers (see attachments from past promotions, below). Bumper stickers come in two sizes, small oval 2" x 3.5" (see attachment) and standard oblong 2.75" x 8.5"

Marijuana dispensaries, head shops and smoke shops will place these stickers in a visible location and offer them for free to their customers.

Past promotions have seen these stickers plastered all over city property from bus stops to stop signs. The people really love these stickers. We've seen these stickers placed on bongs, trash cans, all types of vehicles from skateboards to delivery trucks and even on clothing.

Past promotions have included the dispensaries the "Dank Bank", the "Fire House" and the blog "Get high n get naked" (see attachments) to name a few. The Underground can offer this promotion in six California counties and two outside CA.: Phoenix, AZ., Las Vegas, NV. and in CA., Riverside, San Diego, O.C., L.A., Long Beach and San Bernardino, CA.

This type of advertising puts your link(s) into consumers hands as opposed to waiting for them to stumble upon it through the internet. And focuses your advertising dollars on consumers who are already in your niche.

What does this cost?  Each county is $2,000.00 for one size sticker or $2,500.00 for both sizes. To get the biggest bang for your advertising buck, when you pay for seven counties at once ($14,000./17,500.) you get the eighth county free. Eight counties for the price of seven.

Bumper stickers can also be substituted with a printable, closable plastic sleeve to hold free samples in. Your banner ad with your URL can be printed on this plastic sleeve just like a business card.

The above cost also includes a printed "community" flyer that will be distributed free, in the above areas, advertising Ron's which has reviews and links to my advertisers. This type of in-direct advertising has been very successful in that consumers feel like they have found my advertisers links on their own. Past promotions have shown this to be an effective way to drive sales to my advertisers websites. You get both for one price of $2,000.00 per county for one size sticker or $2,500.00 for both sizes.

What do you get:  10,000 stickers per county, per size, plus 10,000 flyers for each county/size you participate in. Stickers are individually cut to the size being ordered and do not come on a roll. (Note: 20,000 stickers and 20,000 flyers per county when you use both size stickers in your promotion.)

How do I sign up?  This promotion is very time consuming so it is only offered twice a year to advertisers who are in good standing. To participate: 

1.) Choose which counties you want to participate in and

2.) which size sticker you want to use or if you wish both size stickers or the sleeve.

3.) Use the Paypal button below.

Mark the above information in Paypal's "notes" box and before any work is begun someone from the Underground will contact you to verify everything in your order (please include contact info).

Receipts for printed stickers/sleeves and photos of your stickers/sleeves inside dispensaries available upon request.

Number of counties/stickers

Underground America Incorporated 2018

Thank you for advertising with the Underground.

To pay by CC use the Paypal "Add to cart" button, above. No Paypal acct. required.

For more information or to pay by check (save 10%) contact Christopher Rice at 951) 532-4879 or  

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Actual size: 2.75" x 8.5"