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By Christopher R Rice

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Girls number one rule: GET PAID FIRST before you render any services because white people are notorious for not paying for an honest days work. First, white Christians imported blacks because whites are too lazy to bring in their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work. When slavery became too expensive white Christians simply moved their industries overseas but only where they could take advantage of child slave labor. And then president Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 2 million illegals because white people are too lazy to bring in their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work.

In America a woman is 
raped every 2 minutes and every 8 minutes  that victim is a child because Christianity is a sham religion. Oops I better shut up or get blacklisted, right? When Christians aren't busy waterboarding and raping their enemies they are fire bombing churches or burning crosses in someone's front yard.

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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I sincerely hope that you are having a better day than I am.

The page (Alternatives to Backpage, MyRedbook and Craigslist) that you are looking for has moved.
You can access this page
HERE for $1.00. This is why:

Back when the
FBI seized MyRedbook (back in 2014) I created a list of websites that were like Backpage. I then paid for a website to host this list. And then I had to perform a magic act to get Google to find this list and keep it in their search engine where you could find it.

Then I asked my readers to donate a buck or two to keep this list online and up-to-date. This list received a lot of traffic but not a single donation. Most advertisers reject adult content and those that don't only pay by commission but I could not afford to run a public library out of my own pocket, so I added advertisers to the list. But after three years of paying for this list to be online out of my own pocket, I've come to realize that my readers are cheap and stingy as I've never made one sale.

Then FOSTA/SESTA was passed and about a third of the websites on my list were no longer available. I then painstakingly (because Google removed escort sites from their searches) updated the list again and found over 60 websites just like Backpage, Eros and CityVibe.

So then I asked my readers once again for donations to keep the list up-to-date and online but everyone said "fuck you Chris, I'm just here to steal your hard work, your labor and your research."

Okay I didn't really hear that or even a thank you so I'm just assuming that's what you meant by not donating. But for the life of me I can not fathom why I have to pay for a website to teach you what I already know. I do not owe you anything, okay?

I know you don't care about my problems or child slave labor that produced your iPhone or Nikes or about the 2.5 million homeless children living in America or about homeless US veterans or that the national debt is out of control because you just gave the super rich another tax break to keep the party going, right? And then you will just pass off all of your debt on to your own children, right? All you care about is getting your dick wet, right? Well don't worry buddy I've kept the list online and up-to-date and all you need to do is pay $1.00 to access it.

But you don't want to pay one dollar though do you? Not a problem, you keep your money and I'll keep my list.

See I don't get paid for traffic, I actually have to pay for the more traffic my website receives. The same way you have to pay if you go over your data usage on your cellphone. You can pay for unlimited usage on a cell phone but not for traffic on a website. So either pay me or pay me no never mind.

For myself, it has become abundantly clear (after being on this website for three years and doing this for over 35 years without a website), that you, my fellow Americans will not be rising up with me to overthrow your corporate masters. Obviously you are all a bunch of ass kissers and boot lickers who believe that the very system which threw us under a bus will now allow us to vote ourselves out of this mess, right?

In America you are free to believe whatever dumb shit you want to believe but I am also free and I don't have to subsidize your stupidity now do I.

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