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HOT TIP: If you’re going to get an escort, go to a legit site where escorts have reviews like FBSM Reviews or AdultLook and read reviews, if said escort has no reviews she might be law enforcement (LE).

Compiled since the passage of FOSTA/SESTA:

This is the most extensive escort list with over 60 ADULT websites like Backpage and CityVibe listed in alphabetical order:

The page you are looking for has moved and I now charge to keep it online and up-to-date. I was paying for a website to provide you with what I already know. But since I wasn't interested in running a public library I begged for donations but never received any. So I foolishly searched for advertisers but most reject adult content and those that don't only pay a commission, which would be okay if you bought something. But after three years of up-dating this list at my own expense I've learned something, you're cheap and stingy, huh?.

So I moved the list and charge to see it,
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1.) AdultLook


Girls number one rule: GET PAID FIRST before you render any services because white people are notorious for not paying for an honest days work. First, white Christians imported blacks because whites are too lazy to bring in their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work. When slavery became too expensive white Christians simply moved their industries overseas but only where they could take advantage of child slave labor. And then president Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 2 million illegals because white people are too lazy to bring in their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work.

In America a woman is raped every 2 minutes and every 6 minutes that victim is a child because Christianity is a sham religion. Oops I better shut up or get blacklisted, right? When Christians aren't busy waterboarding and raping their enemies they are fire bombing churches or burning crosses in someone's front yard.

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