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As American sponsored civil wars rage across Latin America, many innocent civilians began to flee. They fled into America. Good Christian Americans said we're going to build a wall to keep you out. "Go home Jose."

The same thing is happening in Syria today. You have an American sponsored civil war, refugees trying to flee to safety and good Christian Americans talking about a vetting system. It would stand to reason that the people interested in fighting wouldn't be fleeing the fighting.

Taking the war to Afghanistan after 9/11, has kept the war in Afghanistan and the Taliban has not been able to commit another 9/11, since.  

So why are Americans so scared of Syrian refugees? Syria is a country that has never been at war, in its history. And Christians, Jews and Muslims lived side-by-side in Syria, before America invaded.

ISIS acts and operates like a well trained and well funded US death squad. And, ISIS has been fighting our enemy, Assad. And, Assad, the democratically elected president of Syria, wouldn't let America's friends Saudi Arabia, build an oil pipeline through Syria, before this pseudo civil war began.

Could any American imagine if France or Russia had supported the Confederate army with money and weapons, during our own civil war? Because that is what is happening in Syria, today. Not to mention the bombs and Special Forces.

Growing up in America, the patent excuse for anything fishy was always that we were fighting Communism. As if Americans are the only ones to have the 'right to self determination'. Let anyone else try exercising their right to 'self determination' and America will send in the marines to rape and torture until they resist.

In summary. American slavery has not ended. American consumers are all slave owners / holders. And what good Christian Americans did to the Native Americans is still being done today by the US government the whole world over. And this is true under Republicans and Democrats. Paid for by us, by you and me, the American taxpayer.

U.S.-trained Honduran special forces:

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I know, if you don't like the facts, you can always question my sources but their impeccable, too.

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Not only does slavery still exist today and not only do you benefit and profit from slavery, there's more. Much more. Much worse and we're paying for it, the American taxpayers.


As a child I was taught, as I'm sure you were taught, that we cheated, raped and tortured the native population. Since we had the guns, it was easy to beat them up and steal their land. What they didn't tell us is that the same thing goes on today. And it is paid for by you and me, the American taxpayer.

The Native Americans helped us to survive the first icy cold winter, taught us how to survive in North America, what to plant and how. And while the Natives were peaceful trading partners, George Washington wrote to the King of England saying that it was mandatory for our survival to create a well armed and regulated militia, to defend ourselves from hostile Indian attacks. This lie is very important in that it is still used today, on us. Remember the 'founding fathers' also dressed up as Natives to attack the British. In what is known today as the "Boston Tea Party."

Remember also, the 'militia' that Washington created wasn't used to protect us from the Indians but to overthrow the British. The Native Americans also helped Washington to win the war against the British.

Today, American corporations move to places like Honduras, Bangladesh or El Salvador. The American military trains and funds their governments "security forces". What should be called by their rightful name: DEATH SQUADS. Death squads were first invented in America and first used on Americans, Native Americans. Today, the US trains these techniques the whole world over. The US Army Col. "James Steele", responsible for training South American death squads, was also sent to Iraq. We have a lot of pictures of innocent Iraqis being tortured. And when the torture is done by the host countries "security forces" that America pays and trains, we are somehow absolved of any wrong doing. All the while American CEOs laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts. And the mass graves keep piling up, everywhere the United States goes.

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A military police unit in the Inter-institutional Security Force (Fusina), which received training from 300 US marines and FBI agents, became the subject of intense controversy when footage emerged showing a trainee being forced to eat the head of a dog. 


By Christopher R Rice

When the photos from Abu Ghraib came out, U.S. President George Bush said, "This does not represent the America I know." But people around the world know that the torture and degradation carried out under U.S. command at Abu Ghraib is standard procedure for the U.S. And these atrocities are also painfully familiar to many people who live inside the U.S. itself.

Compiled here are brief descriptions of a few examples of torture carried out directly by the U.S. government and by your local police, jails and prisons.

Everyone has seen the videos of how the police in America, treat us, right? Those videos were all taken in public. Imagine how they treat us behind those walls, where they control the cameras. Where they control everything.

Indeed, psychologist Terry Kupers says that solitary confinement "destroys people as human beings."

The number of prisoners in these facilities has since risen to extraordinary levels. America now holds at least twenty-five thousand inmates in isolation in supermax prisons. An additional fifty to eighty thousand are kept in restrictive segregation units, many of them in isolation, too, although the government does not release these figures. Most prisoners are in solitary for nonviolent breaches of prison rules.



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One thing is clear to anyone who sees the economic system clearly. The system is on the verge of implosion. Privately owned and operated prison companies trade on Wall Street. One of those, Wackenhut, is a virtual CIA proprietary. We have entered, at the end of the industrial age, a phase of growth where we must incarcerate an ever-expanding number of people to sustain the growth of all the companies profiting from law enforcement, crime, imprisonment and war. And the overheated stock market must grow or collapse. The reason this nation spends five dollars on prisons for every one dollar on higher education – even after seven straight years of falling crime rates – is because there is more profit in it in the current economic model. Hell, we have turned police departments into profit making entities through asset forfeiture. This is insane!

This economic model is patently no more sustainable than a snake eating its own tail can be considered nourishment. Organized crime has become the government and it seeks to make all citizens become subliminally guilty participants, fearing for their own livelihoods, believing that the system will collapse if someone really tackles the issues facing us – as surely as the iceberg faced the Titanic.

The system will collapse anyway – unless the economic model is turned upside down – unless a way is found or offered which will make it more profitable than all other ways – to do the right thing. The only thing that will sustain the current economic system, and its dependence on drug capital, is a police state. New enforcement programs involving HUD and the Department of Justice- along with their corresponding butchery of the Constitution – show an emerging police state already. The conduct of Congress and the White House and the CIA further demonstrate the arrogance, and the ever-increasing sloppiness of a system out of control.

The veneer, the illusion that we live under the rule of law cracks before our eyes, grows thinner and ever more difficult to sell with each passing minute. All at once the fears of the right of a New World Order and the fears of the left, of new concentration camps and genocide suddenly become one and the same thing.

In conclusion: I figured out a long time ago that you won't rise up with me. You're still voting and expecting a different result. Someone to wave a magic wand and your responsibilities averted. And I'm also not expecting to find anything in my Paypal account but could you please donate to WikiLeaks, even 5 bucks - surely what WikiLeaks has provided, is worth the price of a cheese burger. And pass this article around, stop taking up space. It won't cost you dime, just repost this link to every site you visit for the next seven days. Thank you and help me make some noise.

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Strangely, I think Reagan said it best over 35 years ago, when I was just getting started...

"Our aim is to increase our national wealth so all will have more, not just redistribute what we already have which is just a sharing of scarcity. We can begin to reward hard work and risk-taking, by forcing this Government to live within its means. Over the years we've let negative economic forces run out of control. We stalled the judgment day, but we no longer have that luxury. We're out of time. ...

We can leave our children with an unrepayable massive debt and a shattered economy, or we can leave them liberty in a land where every individual has the opportunity to be whatever God intended us to be. All it takes is a little common sense and recognition of our own ability. Together we can forge a new beginning for America."

  - Ronald Reagan:
Address to the Nation on the Economy, Feb. 5, 1981

I've been writing and exposing the lies and the crimes of these international CEOs, their Wall Street bankers and their puppet US government and puppet American politicians, for over 35 years now. I kept expecting my fellow Americans to rise up with me. Then they arrested Bradley Manning for exposing the truth. Locked him up and threw away the key. Then they put him into solitary confinement, the equivalent of torture. Then Julian Assange had to go into hiding for exposing the truth. And this wasn't some sick twisted law and order Republican that was locking up all of these whistleblowers. Oh no! It was the supposedly ultra liberal Barack Obama. And then Snowden was forced to go into hiding.

Americans have often wondered why we have no leaders, why no one is willing to stand up and lead us out of this mess. But we do, we do have leaders. The problem is that Americans will not stand up and protect her leaders. Manning joined the Army, that's admirable. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone like that in Congress, instead of the brig? Snowden was CIA/NSA, again extremely admirable, wouldn't you rather have
Snowden for president? Someone who is honest and puts American people and American values ahead of his own self interest?

Instead my fellow Americans gleefully marched into the voting booth and voted for either a war criminal or a charlatan. And both camps said they would be outraged if their puppet didn't win.

Americans whine and complain incessantly that American media is owned by 6 major corporations and that corporate news is more interested in entertaining us than informing us. Yet, Americans refuse to support independent, alternative media that is accurate and informative. As a quick example, WikiLeaks was forced to beg for donations while releasing the DNC emails during our last presidential elections.

In other words, while we are busy sticking our necks out, for YOU, Americans are in their easy chairs with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other. But don't worry America, no need to feed the activist we will just end up dead or in jail anyways. The head of BLM was murdered by the police and four students were shot in the back in Ohio because they were protesting. No need for you to donate money, time or for you to volunteer, when we stick our necks out to make America better for all of us. Just go back to sleep, you do not want to believe. 

Should We Trust Police Officers?
Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected. Related article: 
46,000+ American citizens are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit 

As concrete proof, when four nuns were raped and murdered in El Salvador and a priest was executed during mass because they were helping the peasants to organize union's, Jimmy Carter, the supposedly ultra liberal Christian US president, had no qualms continuing US military aid to keep those peasants from unionizing and demanding a living wage and environmental protections. Imagine that, they wanted a living wage and clean air. But, America said: no way Jose. Get back to work or we will rape your nuns, your sons and your daughters. Oops, I mean our, no, your 'security forces' will rape you and kill you.

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American Slavery Today
By Christopher R Rice

As a child I was taught that good white Christian Americans imported human beings (human trafficking). And that this went on for over 500 years. These innocent people were imported as slaves because white people were too lazy to harvest their own crops and too stingy to pay for an honest days work. This slavery included violence, murder, rape, decapitation, torture and unpaid labor. I was also taught that we had a civil-war to end slavery and now everything is all on the up and up.

But, slavery still exist and Americans are the beneficiaries. The Super Rich have found a way to bring back slavery today.

The truth is that importing slaves became too costly. Now we leave them where they are. Move our industries overseas where there are no workers rights or environmental protection laws. The US government under Ronald Reagan made this all possible with 'free trade' and the lifting of embargos, price controls and high tariffs. US corporations are not moving to countries known for workers rights. American corporations move where workers have no rights. Unpaid forced overtime,  child labor, beatings, 16 hour shifts, 6 days a week on your feet. We call it Capitalism but the truth is it's really fascism / slavery.

Americans have absolutely loved the low prices that slavery has brought back. The evidence of this is that every Walmart parking lot is full, morning, noon and night. And some Walmart's are even open 24 hours.
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I've wrote several articles, and my fellow journalist have as well, that the working conditions in these countries amounts to slavery. But good Christian Americans could careless. For 20 years I personally fought Nike to get them to improve their working conditions. Because Nike workers were being forced to work 16 hours a day for 50 cents a day. The average age of a Nike factory worker at that time was 10 years old.  

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While this slavery went on, poor black kids in the inner cities were killing each other over a pair of Nike's that were made by slave labor. Because Nike's cost more than most of us could ever afford. Why? Because, most of the savings from slavery has not been passed down to American consumers in the form of cheaper prices, the extra profits went to the already Super Rich and their offshore bank accounts. Under Ronald Reagans "free trade" agreements American corporations do not pay taxes in their host country or in America either, thanks Ronnie.