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Big Pharma and You

By Christopher R Rice

Every day, hundreds of American citizens die from pharmaceutical drugs. Legal prescriptions, that are FDA approved and obtained from your family doctor, and used as prescribed, kill 290 people a DAY. That is more than all of the deaths from cocaine and heroin combined. And Prescription drugs kill 6200% more Americans than homicidal shootings.

(Natural News)

Pharmaceutical manufactures reap billions and billions of dollars a year off of sick people. Big Pharma Pockets $711 Billion in Profits by Robbing Seniors, Taxpayers. (
Huffington Post)

Congress takes a million dollars a day from those same pharmaceutical companies, (
Open Secrets) to keep a safer, more effective alternative (marijuana), that grows for free in all 50 states- illegal. Collusion: DEA bans plant medicines, then Big Pharma patents them for profits. (Natural News)

The federal government has literally allowed Big Pharma to create medicine derived from the plant, and then made the plant itself illegal. (
Natural News)

Wasted time, wasted resources, overcrowded prisons, overburdened court system. While violent crimes go unsolved and unpunished. More than 1.4 million murders, rapes, robberies and assaults are committed around the United States every year, or a violent crime every 22 seconds, the FBI says. Police Make One Marijuana Arrest Every 42 Seconds in America

(US News)

CPS has kidnapped children, destroyed families. And every policeman, every D.A., every judge and every Ivy league educated politician has been taking bribes. The land of the free has been one big lie.

Big Pharma kills how many Americans each and every day? Your doctors and politicians with their Harvard degrees knew they could out smart you. And they didn't care about you or your families They only cared about their big fat bank accounts.

Dear America,

It's time to jail the real criminals-
Arrest the President. Click link for more.

UPDATE: All prescription drugs are toxic and none cure anything.

The worthless MD's heal nothing and treat everything with toxic chemicals that kill. When did treating symptoms get confused with healing?

Do pills for high blood pressure cure the reason you have high blood pressure? No, no way. A better way is to find the reason for the high blood pressure and correct it. Do MD's do that? Of course not.  And that my friends is modern day medicine here in the corporate empire of America where your health takes a back seat to corporate profits and MD wealth.

So many of those pills have horrible side effects like insomnia, ED and lethargy. When all that is needed is a better diet and light exercise.   

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