America is not free. Censored, banned and removed:

By Christopher R Rice

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Underground America Incorporated 2018

America Uncensored

By Christopher R Rice

1.) A woman is raped every two minutes in America

2.) every six minutes that victim is a child

3.) 2.5 million homeless children in America today

4.) 40% of homeless have jobs - vets homeless too

5.) Zero percent interest rates are immoral as they penalize savings and reward unnecessary borrowing

6.) LE are four times more likely to commit domestic violence as the general population

7.) Oliver North, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and the CIA were all caught smuggling cocaine into the US

8.) Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have taken numerous trips to convicted sex offenders Jeffrey Epstein's sex slave island.

9.) Donald Trump the alleged billionaire is actually bankrupt.

10.)  In America, every 40 seconds, a child goes missing. 74% of children who are abducted, die within the first 3 hours.

11.) Freedom of press is a scam as over 90% of all magazine, book, CD, movie, television publishers are owned by 6 mega corporations.

12.) Choice is an illusion as 10 companies control everything that we buy.

13.) It cost 1.7 cents to make a penny.

14.) Police in America steal more than criminals do.