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Police Brutality in Quaint Corona


City of Corona Police Departments official website 

Corona citizen #5: Corona PD had my 100% approval rating until someone was trying to break into my house and it took Corona PD 20 minutes to arrive because they were in the middle of shift change. Thanks to Corona PD I bought a gun. My Glock doesn’t have a delay due to “shift change”.

Corona citizen #6: “The lady down the street was being abused by her husband, when I called 911 they disconnected me. Then she got out of the house and I called again, this time I was on the phone with the dispatch when her crazy husband decided he was going to take us both down. A neighbor distracted him but we had to wait for the police to show up. It was quite intense to say the least.”

Corona citizen #7: “I was drinking and I was pulled over. The cop took me out in the woods, forced me out of the car, my hands in cuff’s, he beat the shit out of me. Later he took me to jail, and told the other cop’s I was so drunk that I fell on my face. Who are they going to believe?”

Corona citizen #8: “I have been harassed many times by Corona Police. They are stuck up police officers. I myself have been stopped many times while jogging at night. Sometimes when it’s cold I will have a jersey on and gym clothes and it doesn’t matter what race you are, I myself am White. I live in a very elite area of Corona and have also been harassed waiting outside my home. I am a Business Owner and make well over Six figures and I don’t feel that it’s right to do this to anyone.”

Corona citizen #9: “Corona police have always been corrupt. I’ve been stopped a few times. They cuff you, call you names, then want to fight you while you’re in cuffs. The only good cop is a dead cop.”

Corona citizen #10: “As a biker I get stopped a lot. I have been on a 15 minute ride to jail that took 2 hours, broken nose, fat lip, was it called for no, but it is what it is. I don't like cop’s, but there not all bad, some our way cool. There’s bad biker’s and good biker’s, bad people and good people. I’ve had Corona police pull me over and I’m thinking, ok here we go again. But all they wanted was to look at my bike and tell me how hot it is.

Corona citizen #11: “I grew up in Corona, California. As a teenager I was often pulled over for being “black”. When I started dealing drugs I was stopped, put in the back of the patrol car and driven behind a liquor store where I was beaten and robbed of my drugs by Corona PD. Later in life, I was charged and convicted of a murder that I did not commit. As a drug dealer, I did use fire arms, I even shot at a man, but I never killed anyone, nor did I shoot or kill the man that I’m now serving a life sentence for. So when you ask about corrupt Corona PD, I ask you, do you think their corrupt? I know they are.  

Cops Are Corrupt Corona PD
By Christopher R Rice

Police brutality and use of excessive force has been one of
Underground Newz campaign on human rights violations in the USA. The Underground documented patterns of ill-treatment across the USA, including police beatings, unjustified shootings and the use of dangerous restraint techniques to subdue suspects. While only a minority of the many thousands of law enforcement officers in the USA engage in deliberate and wanton brutality, the Underground found that too little was being done to monitor or check persistent abusers, or to ensure that police tactics in certain common situations minimized the risk of unnecessary force and injury.

The Corona Police Department is corrupt to the core. Corona cops are infamous for civil rights violations, evidence suppression, obstruction, and perjury. The “zones” are run by ignorant, bigoted, ill qualified, thick headed, megalomaniac lieutenants who have virtually no oversight from the union-fearing brass knuckel heads.

From former Corona, Ca. PD:

I had the honor of working for the Corona Police Department for three years before I enlisted in the military. During my time there, I learned quite a lot.

More than anything, I learned that the folks at the Corona Police Department are the most dedicated and trustworthy professionals I have ever come across in my entire life. That being said, I would like to point out that no department operates without the occasional flop or controversy, its apart of the job and the culture of law itself. The accusation that Corona Police is rampant with corruption is, without a doubt, completely false.

And just to clear this up, there is no quota system in place in any law enforcement agency within the state of California, it is against California Vehicle Code 41602. So why does it seem like officers enforce traffic laws during certain times of the month more than other times? The department is constantly flooded with calls for traffic enforcement of certain areas, especially neighborhoods and near schools. Officers randomly select different days throughout the month to monitor and enforce those areas based on number of complaints and the threat of a serious accident in those areas. The day is always random/different because it would be stupid to only enforce the laws on a few certain days every month; people would know to drive safe on those days.

It's been my experience that most people’s distaste for law enforcement boils down to two things, ignorance of their rights as US citizens or they are simply criminals. Through my observations, most people are ignorant to legal issues, such as probable cause and use of force. We see videos of -what looks like- uniformed police officers beating citizens relentlessly, and without just cause, but many times we are not presented the moments leading up to that moment; the Rodney King “beating” is a prime example.

While in training at CPD, I learned this: If you can’t find a reason to pull a vehicle or search someone, your not a very good cop. There is a “million-and-one” reasons why a sworn officer can pull you over and give you a ticket. Your best option? Be polite and courteous and don’t argue. One ticket can easily turn in to five and your car being impounded.

If you are a law abiding citizen, you will generally have a favorable view of law enforcement. Those who break the law and have been arrested usually have a distaste for law enforcement; its funny how that works.

For those of you that have a strong distaste for LE, how about you stop breaking the law and become a productive member of society and your community, rather than using drugs and speeding.  

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Published on Jul 9, 2016

The cops came to my house and arrested me and my brother. Used excess force. They had no reason to tackle and subdue my brother. His hands were already in the air and he clearly had given up. Fuck the Corona PD. Fuck all police enforcement. Police are nothing but fucking cowards. Corona police brutality is here in your own backyard. Don't be the next victim. I'm glad we didn't become the next hash tag.

Corona citizen #1: “Corona police department is the worst. As a victim of a crime, my family was treated so bad we have lost all respect for the entire Corona Police Dept. A word of advice to all.. If the police come to your door and ask you questions and want to come in your house, say no. You do not have to let them in or offer any help unless they have a search warrant. We learned the hard way. If you want to file a complaint about a cop, remember, your wasting your time. Corruption starts at the top.”

Corona citizen #2: “What ticks me off is the dumb ass gang cops Racial Profiling! They see a young Mexican with a nice car and right away they turn around and follow me until they realize they cant get me for shit. I work hard for what I have but they just assume that I`m up to no good. If that isn't RACIAL PROFILING I don't know what is!”

Corona citizen: #3 “I was born and raised in this city and my family has been here since the 50′s and it has changed so much! The gang task force here is racist, everyone knows if your a Mexican American or should I say Chicano and you even dress a tad bit baggy they automatically stop you and start harassing you.

They stopped me and continued to try to have me say I was a 4th Street or CVL “GANG” member. I had a crown chain on and I guess that automatically means I am a Corona gang member. They only try to mark as many people as they can as gang members or gang associates so they and the district attorneys office can say “there is thousands of gang members in riverside county” so when its time for the state to give them funds they get more money. Our taxes hard at work! There are no gangs in this city really and there hasn't been for years, its just a waste of our tax dollars!”

Corona citizen #4: “The cops were called and of course us being Chicanos the cops immediately came to us first and I tried to explain to the cops that that guy had hit me at the snack bar and so did the snack bar workers—they didn’t care. The cops arrested my brother and myself. I then asked “why the other guys weren’t being arrested when this was started by them? The cop laughed and he said “I hate Mexicans” and “I will bring them down”. I was 13 years old!”