California Police Underage Sex Scandal Involves 28 Officers, 5 Departments

June 26, 2016

The California teen at the center of a multi-agency underage sex scandal is finally speaking out about the officer who took her from a pimp and turned her into a badge bunny for 28 cops across five different police departments.

The fallout has caused two officer suicides.

Fourteen Oakland cops have resigned already.

Oakland PD lost three Chiefs in a nine day span

“I just want everyone to know that I didn’t do this on purpose. I didn’t want to ruin these officers lives,” Celeste Guap told CNN, speaking out about the sex scandal involving her.

Guap was a victim of child sex trafficking.

The teenage prostitute initially lied to investigators “because she didn’t want any drama” but they seized her phone, which showed a bigger scandal.

That scandal has now claimed the careers of Chief Sean Whent and another high ranking official, along with 12 other officers.

It is also the departments fourth Chief in less than three weeks and a new civilian oversight position, a position community activists have been calling for nearly two decades.

The Oakland Police Department internal investigation was triggered after the suicide of Officer Brendan O’Brien.

Supposedly, Guap’s mother had no clue, and she works as a dispatcher at Oakland PD.

O’Brien’s wife committed suicide squeezing off two rounds from a gun 15 months prior, after she learned of the affair.

O’Brien left a suicide note which lead investigators to an improper relationship with the underage sex worker and included multiple other officers within the department.

In the agreement with federal authorities Oakland was required to report the internal investigation to the federal monitor and compliance director.

However, no one ever notified the federal monitor regarding the investigation into the relationship O’Brien had with the teenage prostitute.

The investigation into the suicide of Oakland Police Officer, Brendan O’Brien, started an internal investigation into an ever growing sex scandal, involving an underage sex worker and members of several police departments.

The Oakland Police Department has been under federal oversight since 2003 when a federal judge found a pattern of racial profiling and police brutality. The department settled with 119 complainants for nearly $11 million in what is known as “the Oakland Riders”, were multiple officers were involved in falsely arresting and beating suspected drug dealers.
After this scandal, the Oakland PD is on its seventh chief since 2011 alone.    

Lawyers seek federal oversight of Oakland PD

CBS October 5, 2012

Lawyers overseeing the terms of a settlement stemming from a decade-old Oakland police corruption scandal filed a motion Thursday requesting that the federal government take over the embattled department.

Attorneys John Burris and Jim Chanin filed the motion in U.S. District Court in San Francisco asking Judge Thelton Henderson for a federal receiver to oversee the department. They argued Oakland city officials and the police have chronically failed to meet reforms they agreed to after a 2003 lawsuit claimed brutality and other allegations.

The settlement initially called for the reforms to be completed within five years. But the lawyers said high-ranking city officials have thwarted those efforts.

"Despite empty promises by three City Administrators, four Police Chiefs, and the City's inside and outside counsel ... compliance with important reforms has failed," the motion said.

Chanin said the motion does not seek federal supervision of some day-to-day operations of the police department, such as crime fighting and the number of deployed officers, CBS San Francisco reported.

But the attorney said the motion seeks the appointment of a federal monitor, who would oversee areas which Chanin said have yet to comply with the court settlement. Those areas include internal affairs investigations, racial profiling and the use of force.

The lawsuit stemmed from a scandal in which several rogue officers were charged with beating or framing drug suspects in 2000 along with other claims that resulted in nearly $11 million in payments to 119 plaintiffs and attorneys.

In January, a frustrated Henderson said he "remains in disbelief" that the police department has failed to adopt the reforms and threatened federal takeover of the agency.

"This department finds itself woefully behind its peers around the state and nation," the judge wrote in a scathing report.

Henderson increased the oversight authority of a court-appointed monitor. Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan now must consult with the monitor before making important department decisions such as promoting and disciplining officers and changing policing policy and tactics.

The lawyers contend Oakland's time is up, since the city already has been allowed two extensions and two independent monitoring teams, and has spent "thousands, if not millions of dollars" on consultants to help get in compliance.

"We are fed up with the lack of consistent progress by the city," Burris said. "It is time for a change."    

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