Cops Are Corrupt Wichita PD

October 1, 2015 By Bobby Rodrigo 

Wichita citizen: "Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams has repeatedly defended the actions of the department’s officers, while withholding crucial information from the public and media. Williams has made controversial statements regarding the department’s need to shoot more people and, when questioned, would rather speak to the emotional hardship of the officer than express any condolences to the victims. Williams should resign and be replaced by someone who will investigate the department and expose the corruption that so many have witnessed, firsthand" Michael Shatz said.

In October of 2014, local news KAKE, an ABC affiliate, broadcast a Wichita Police press conference. Lt James Espinoza stated that the department was moving in a new direction and that the public can expect to see more transparency in the future.

The transparency “campaign” would be touted for months. Wichita lost it previous Chief of Police due to, among other things, being on the department dishonesty list after he filed a false report. The department needed a better image. In February 2015, a requested organizational assessment was done by the Hugo Wall School at Wichita State University. Throughout this lengthy report, an extensive list of recommendations was offered to the department to help with accountability, efficiency, public perception, community interaction and behavior.

So the Wichita Police was doing the right thing. Stepping up and acknowledging areas that needed improvement and promising transparency.  Yet, while the department spoke about transparency it was also compiling a confidential file. Files that contain information about its own all the way to the top of the department. Here is an example of an item contained within these files:

On June 16, 2005, Jayna Baslee made a Wichita police case number for Domestic Violence with evidence reference WPD case # 05C045100.  The summary of that report reads she was pushed, punched and threatened to be killed during an argument in her residence. The summary further states there were photos taken of Baslee’s injuries. All of these charges read (within the PFA and WPD Paperwork) to be felony charges, with evidence (ripped shirt, torn necklace, repeated phone harassment on cellular and home phones, photos of injuries, and medical attention sought).

On June 17, 2005, Jayna Baslee filled out a petition for protective orders as the plaintiff. She additionally filled out a Protection from Abuse/ Protection from Stalking AFFIDAVIT. Ms. Baslee identified the defendant as “Nelson Mosley.”

Nelson Mosley at the time of these orders was a Captain of the Wichita Police Department.  He is now the current Chief of Police of the Wichita Police Department. 

There is more than just secrecy going on here.  It is one thing to hide information from the public or even adjacent law enforcement agencies. It is quite another to not prosecute the alleged felony behavior of police officers. Mosley’s case was buried. A felony assault domestic violence case. No investigation, no public information and no referral to the District Attorney’s office. The fact that Mosley’s name was kept off of the incident report from the start shows the duplicity of the entire department. See video below:     

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