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Drug test the President

As many of you remember,
Congress held hearings into allegations of steroid use by Major League Baseball (MLB) players in 2005 and again in 2008.

The steroid issue of MLB is undeniable but it does not have any effect on my safety and day to day life or that of any other citizens of the U.S. The reality is that baseball players are merely entertainers whereas members of congress are making life changing decisions on a daily basis.

MLB is performed for our entertainment should we choose to watch, as is football, hockey, basketball et al.

Fast forward to November, 2013 U.S. Representative Trey Radel, the congressman from Fort Myers, Florida, appeared in a Washington, D.C., court and
pled guilty to one count of cocaine possession.

Radel, who admitted to being an addict, was placed on one year probation with "minimal supervision." He promised to seek treatment.

The use of illegal drugs, on or off duty, by politicians evidences less than the complete reliability, stability, and good judgment that is consistent with access to sensitive information and creates the possibility of coercion, influence, and irresponsible action under pressure that may pose a serious risk to national security, the public safety, and the effective enforcement of the law.

For this reason, coupled with a history of poor judgment and performance on behalf of our elected politicians we them people demand that mandatory drug testing be imposed upon all members of the Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and White House.

Average citizens are forced/required to take and pass a drug test to work in a damn gas station--so why not those who want to legislate laws that we have to live by?

Personally I’m much more concerned about my president being under the influence of drugs than I am about anyone else. The same goes for cabinet-members, senators, congressmen and other people at the upper levels of government.

Executive Order 12564 - Drug-Free Federal Workplace     

Should We Trust Police Officers?
Are police officers allowed to lie to you? Yes the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can lie to the American people. Police officers are trained at lying, twisting words and being manipulative. Police officers and other law enforcement agents are very skilled at getting information from people. So don’t try to “out smart” a police officer and don’t try being a “smooth talker” because you will lose! If you can keep your mouth shut, you just might come out ahead more than you expected. Related article: 
46,000+ American citizens are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit