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Compulsory Mis-Education / An Underground Education

By Christopher R Rice

Seclusion and Restraint in public schools: The National Disabilities Rights Network in a January 2009 report (School is notSupposed to Hurt) revealed that the use of seclusion and restraint, which are often unregulated and used disproportionately on children with disabilities, frequently result in injury, trauma, and even death.

Read more: Seclusion and restraints in US public school.

Tortured by Teacher: Videos of teachers abusing students Abu Ghraib prison style. See videos.

Death by Teacher: Federal figures reveal close to 1,000 injuries and 13 deaths were caused by physical restraint in public schools, last year. See videos here: Death by Teacher

One in ten (9%) said the last time they were involved in physically restraining someone they did not feel they knew what they were doing.

LEAKED College Textbooks: List of sites with Leaked College Textbooks

Autism in Public schools: True story- in students own words...

"I was sent to a special ed class when I was in 2nd grade, halfway through the year. It was terrible, they were constantly 'restraining' the kids and I had to go through so much. My mom at that time constantly bragged about how awesome the 'quiet' room was. Out of the rest of the kids, most of them weren't even very disabled, and very few were below average. One kid was there just because of humming, and was restrained constantly for no reason, along with the others." Continuereading