Despite all the marches, protests, and movements, Washington is still bowing to special interests and corporate lobbyists. Our voices are not enough. Our votes are not enough. If we want change, we must put our money where our democracy is.

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#If Hillary Wins

By Christopher R Rice UAI

WikiLeaks: Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie. 

Nov. 8th, 2016: We need poll watchers. Anyone can participate.

If Hillary wins: Nov. 9-10th 2016 planned civil disobedience. Anyone can participate.

General Strike begins Nov. 11th, 2016 (if Hillary wins)

No work
No school
No shopping

Call in sick, take your vacation time. If you can not get out of work, you can participate in the work slow down.

Student Protest:

Students plan to stage walkouts (during classes) all across the country to demand: "Arrest Hillary" 

This is a non violent civil disobedience direct action. This strike is not meant to hurt the country in any way put to remove those who have. You do not need to be violent to not go to work, to not go to school or not shop. Protest peacefully and lawfully. Find out the laws in your city/state and protest lawfully and legally.

General Strikes - a brief history (with video)

I can not personally organize each protest in each and every city and school. That is up to you. Begin organizing now. Post to your social media accounts and

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