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Homeless Cure

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Homeless Cure

By Christopher R Rice

First the federal government
stopped funding for mental health facilities putting thousands of dangerous mental health patients on the streets. Basically leaving sick people with no medication.

At the same time the ACLU won court cases that gave people with mental illnesses the rights to refuse their medications.

Then the VA hospitals turned their backs on retuning veterans, leaving them to die while waiting for medical attention. In 2014,
according to CNN 30,000 vets died while waiting for medical care at VA hospitals.

America in 2017, 2.5 million children are homeless. An estimated 57,849 veterans are homeless on any given day.
And forty four percent of the homeless actually hold jobs but still can not afford housing.

It's time for Americans to take matters into their own hands.

Our goal is to end homelessness by finding work for those who want it and finding and/or providing housing and medical attention for the mentally ill and the disabled.

We will end homelessness by providing homes to the homeless. Once we cure their homelessness, we can then offer psychological, drug and other counseling as well as job training and placement.  

Sometimes the solutions are easier than we think. Sometimes a homeless person may only need a cell phone for an application or may only need transportation. We asses and evaluate the needs of each individual and provide one on one counseling.  

Employers call or email for well trained, well groomed and grateful employees.

What we provide:

Education: GED, AA and trade schools

Help getting IDs/ bith certificates reading/ writing tutors

Job Training / job searches Appretiaships

Work clothes / boots/ uniforms

Low Income and free Housing

Transportation Vouchers

Psych Evaluations / PTSD Evaluations


Parenting Classes

Drug Classes

AA Meetings

Big Brother/Sister Program

Vouchers for water/gas/electric

Legal Aid with evictions/bankruptcy

SSI Eligibility classes / help 

Free dental and more

Your donations change lives. Whether you can afford to give $5 or $500, your donations will help get someone off the streets and back to work again.

100% of your donation goes to end homelessness. We provide a detailed account of how every penny is spent available on this website.

WE have two choices, we can continue to rely on the government and continue to live in a zoo. Or we can take matters into our own hands and make America great again. Make a one time or monthly donation. Every penny helps. God bless you and your family. And God bless America.

Also needed: donate time, cars, housing, clothing/furniture pick up. You can also help by posting this URL into your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Thank you for your support.    

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