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How Does Racism Work?

By Christopher R Rice

How does racism work? This article is not for white people, If you are white please leave this website, do not read any further and do not ever come back.

Get it?

I am assuming that you have seen and heard the same things that I have, that we all have. I mean video after video of white police officers being verbally and physically violent without provocation or need. Even when the black person is a care giver helping an autistic patient and his hands are raised in the air, following every command.

Recently we all saw another
video of a woman pulled from her car and thrown to the ground. The officer explained this was because black people are perceived to be violent. Hum, it seems to me that white people have been getting violent with black people for a very long time and still are. And now white people want to blame every black person they encounter for their own perceptions and fears.

Some how a black person laying down or raising their hands to surrender is considered violent by white people.

First we've been crammed into the same schools for our betterment. But Americas public schools rate at the bottom when
compared to any other industrialized nation. American education is a joke and the joke is on us and our children.

Then whites
won't hire blacks. A black and a white with the same education and the same test scores applied at fortune 500 companies and for every job offer the black applicant received the white applicant received eight job offers. So much for 'reverse discrimination' that white people keep telling us about.  

Then all of the low paying jobs that a black man might be able to get are shipped overseas. If that wasn't enough, the government invites in everyone they can with their open borders policies started by Ronald Reagans amnesty.

After taking away educational opportunities, job prospects, then they took the black man out of the family by providing welfare but only if there's no man in the house. The result of children growing up with only one parent being apparent.

When blacks are violent it is always black on black. So what do white people really have to fear?

After forcing blacks into poverty and stacking them one on top of the other in ghettos with zero opportunities available whites now want to blame blacks for crime and violence. But if you put a mammal, white, black or hamster in these same conditions the babies will get eaten every time.

Remember the movie "Trading Places"? 

After forcing blacks into poverty and desperation whites act shocked if blacks turn to crime to feed themselves or their babies. Or after cramming too many hamsters into too small of a cage, they then become horrified when the mom delivers her litter and the babies are quickly eaten. But in a bigger cage with a bigger food dish the mother hamster would not eat her babies. You can get your tail feathers and your panties in a bunch for me using hamsters as an example but how else do I make white people understand what should be obvious to any thinking rational intelligent being? And according to the FBI crime stats, whites commit more crime than blacks do.   

To every black person out there, stop waiting. Whites will never treat you equally, never. It will never happen. They would rather run you over in the street when you are only protesting peacefully. We've all seen it happen, time and time again.

Here's the problem, whites think they have to lose something to treat others with the same respect and the same rights that they assume should be theirs. And even though it doesn't cost anyone anything to be nice and even though they claim to be Christians it will never happen. You can march in the streets, march on Washington DC, march on the National mall, if they don't arrest you. But whites will always feel threatened because of what white people have done to blacks and to everyone else on the planet.

It would be like relying on the woman you raped when she was a baby to care for you in your old age. No matter how forgiving and patient blacks have been with whites, whites will always fear black people.

And white people are racist. Every white person that I've ever met has had some racist, sexist or homophobic comment to make. Every single one. So fuck America and fuck the American way. Long live the Underground.   

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Fuck America and fuck the American way....
By Christopher R Rice

The cop loving public has told us for decades that we were all a bunch of lying criminals. Yet we've brought you
case after case for decades only to be told that our version of events was less trust worthy than the police officers version. FU!

So the
Underground re-published study after study, case after case showing how LE (law enforcement) are even brutal towards their own families.

Domestic abuse in the general population runs 8 to 10 percent but in
police families domestic abuse is reported at 40 percent. This number is recognized as low because LE's own motto is "LE protects its own".

Let me ask you, is the cops wife resisting arrest? Is she just a criminal making shit up 'cuz she hates the cops? Did she cause those bruises to her self? Because that's exactly what we've been told by other cops, by the DA, and by the cop loving pubic. If you believe that crap about criminals than it has to also be true for the cops wife, right?

Our fathers fought and died on foreign lands for nothing. Kids don't need to thank a vet because human rights violations are common place in the USA. Your deaths were all in vain. Cops beat their wives and children and
get away with it. Who will protect us from our own government?  

The government of elected officials have turned on their own people and will shoot you, black, white or brown like dogs in the streets. Fuck America and fuck the American way. Long live the

Up until now this war has consisted of a few angry, sometimes crazy individuals that take matters into their own hands. Bugz Bunny gets tired of it always being rabbit season and put some wings on some pigs. So far no one has been able to organize the publics anger and wield it as a weapon.

Why is that? Neither the Left nor the Right have any leaders. What's even worse is the opposition is disorganized, suspicious of each other and thereby unable to work effectively. And with no leaders there is no direction.

To top that off the movements that have sprung up have strategies that are set up for failure. As a quick example...

Forgetting everything negative you may have ever heard (trash, rapes, drugs) about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. Their strategy was to occupy parks. This makes no sense. First there is no strategic advantage to capturing and occupying a park. Second, as they quickly learned LE will shoot tear gas and other chemical weapons at protesters and then clear the park with riot police. Police dressed to kill, in other words.

Or Black Lives Matters (BLM) strategy to block highways. What exactly has this strategy accomplished? Nothing. What are the strategic goals? None. How long can you hold a highway? And did it help to achieve your goals?  

You could take each and every movement and you can see the problem has been / always is, the strategy.

King and Gandhi's strategy was to use peace as a weapon. They didn't fight with weapons. But they fought back.

Todays protest are nothing more than a picnic in a park with some angry signs. And calling for a day of civil disobedience is not a real protest. It is designed for failure.

So the anger boils over with no leaders, no direction and no strategy. Or if there is a strategy it is designed for failure. 

Underground has been publishing video proof of how the police treat civilians black, white, brown since before Rodney King and still- no one would believe us. We've already wasted a lot of time trying to convince Americans of the truth, FU! But even with all of the evidence in the world no one is willing to do anything. Not the public, not the city councils or the State Legislators. So fuck America and fuck the American way. Long live the Underground Resistance.

Welcome to Underground America Inc.
They don't like me and they don't like you. Because they know that we stand for three things: Truth, Justice and Fuck the American Way.

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Fuck the Police Don't Just Say It, Do It. Here's how...     

Blacks have never asked for whites sympathy because they have fewer economic opportunities than whites.

White people receive more welfare and food stamps than black people do. And profitable corporations receive three times the amount of welfare from the federal government than poor people do.

White America broke their own laws of war to torture the
Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Hondurans, Chileans, Cambodians, on and on. Making white peoples words and promises worthless.

So it is blacks that should fear white people. Slavery,
lynching's, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, segregation, racism, white flight, the White citizens councils, John Birch societies, white riots, mass incarceration, a war on drugs, a war on poverty, over crowded prisons, solitary confinement, on and on.

In my school when busing started we beat up every black kid that showed up until they out numbered us. As a child I started a junior Klan and attacked blacks without provocation. After over 500 years of this treatment I think I know what really scares white people. And it's called revenge.

Funny thing is blacks aren't interested in revenge. The Nation of Islam (NOI) that told blacks they should separate from whites has been wholly rejected by most blacks. The only thing that blacks have ever asked of us whites was to be treated equally. But as soon as someone said that "Black Lives Matter" white people lost their minds. Demanding that "all lives matter" or "blue lives matter".

Oh my god are you serious?

All blacks have ever wanted was equality. To be treated the same and to have the same opportunities as everyone else.