How to Cure the Common cold

By Christopher R Rice

Under the dictatorship of the FDA I must by law tell you that I am not a medical professional and any advise given is solely the opinion of the author and should not be construed as medical advise. Any change in diet or medication should be done under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

Now back to the real and what they won't tell you but should....

1.) Do not take a cough suppressant. Cough suppressants were created to treat the whooping cough which can be fatal. Thankfully no one gets the whooping cough any more but what to do with all the cough syrup? So they sold it to sick people. But in suppressing your cough you keep the Flem and germs in. Your body is trying to expel those germs and when you suppress your cough you extend the length of your cold.

2.) Do not use a fever reducer. A fever is the bodies way to kill germs. The same way I might sterilize a knife with a flame, a fever is your body fighting the cold. (If you have a fever of over 104f seek medical attention) Fever reducers will only help to prolong the life of your cold.

You should go to the hospital if you have a fever over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A fever that high can injure your body. A lower fever without any symptoms is not a reason to go to the hospital. However, you may need to go to the emergency room if you have a lower fever and these symptoms:

a lot of trouble breathing (shortness of breath)
a cut or break in the skin (wound) with thick green, yellow, tan or white fluid coming from itCall your doctor if you have a fever and aren't sure if you need emergency medical care.

3.) If you have access get an antibiotic like Amoxicillin. If not don't worry.

4.) Sweat it out. There's two ways to help your body sweat it out. One is heavy blankets pulled over your head at night while you sleep. The other is a long hot steam bath.

5.) Do not waste money on cold remedies, vitamins or supplements of any kind. If you can handle spicy food cayenne peppers provide the biggest immune boost that you can give your body. Can't handle spicy foods? Not a problem, you can buy cayenne herbal pills for a few dollars at any drug store. If you prefer use fish oil.

The rest of these should be done daily to keep up a strong immune system and avoid getting the cold altogether. Obviously, flu shots are not working. Try this and stick with it.

6.) Eat baked potatoes, skin on. The skin of potatoes is loaded with vitamins and minerals that your immune system requires.

7.) Eat lots of beans. Again beans pack so many nutrients it should be called a super food. Beans will keep you healthy and help you from ever getting sick again.

8.) Eat green leafy vegetables. Broccoli is loaded as are all green leafy vegetables. Eat as many as you can everyday. Vegetables are not fattening and can be enjoyed anytime. Do not boil your veggies as that will leach most vitamins and minerals, instead steam your veggies for the most punch you can get for your immune system.

9.) Drink water. Soda has zero health benefits and is full of sugar and salt. Do your body a favor and drink plenty of fresh, clean water everyday.

10.) Get plenty of sleep. The body heals best while we are resting.

Do not be a Bogart (stingy) share this article with everyone you know. Avoid chicken noodle soup while you are sick, it contains no nutritional value. Instead eat healthy nutritious foods to help your body fight the sickness. Welcome to the
Underground Resistance

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What else can you do?

11.) Wash your bedding/clothing daily while you are sick. Keeping everything clean/sterile will keep your cold from prolonging. The difference between a three day cold or a three week cold.

12.) Hire a local maid to clean/sterilize your home to get rid of unnecessary germs.

13.) Have your car detailed to kill germs that you are spreading.

14.) Avoid dairy products like milk, ice cream, sour cream and yogurt. Dairy causes unnecessary Flem. 

15.) Eat cream of broccoli soup. Something with vegetables and no meat.

16.) Avoid greasy foods like french fries, hamburgers, pizza and all fried foods. 

17.) Put Vick's vapor rub on the bottom of your feet and wear a pair of socks to bed. When you wake up discard the socks that you slept in and take a hot shower.

18.) Switch to an herbal tea to help you sleep.

19.) Get a box of soft tissue to keep your nose clear. Blow frequently. This will push the germs out of your body. Throw used tissues away outdoors.

THANK YOU for stopping by Underground America Inc. 

THANK YOU for stopping by Underground America Inc.

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