The sheeple/our parents are too busy with Angry Birds, Mortal Combat, Grand Theft Auto, I Love Lucy, the Kardashian, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, fantasy sports, Pokémon Go or whatever the fad is this week, month, year. They just don't care!

The sooner you can get that fact, the sooner you will see 'who' and 'what' the real problem is.

Applying reforms and bandages to a country that is broke and dead is like trying to reason with a ZOMBIE.

The REAL problem is not in Washington DC. The REAL problem is sitting in an easy chair with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other. They won't lift a finger or even stop using aerosols until they are forced. Remember when activist broke the newz, dolphins were being caught and killed in the tuna boats fishing nets? We even forced the MSM to cover the story! No one stopped eating tuna though did they? Tuna sales went up, not down. It's time, hell it's past time to bring this war to an end.

It is your choice. Let them keep destroying the planet until it is uninhabitable, allow them to destroy the 'greatest country on the planet', while they laugh all the way to the bank. Or be a real man and do what we should've done a long time ago. And start taking out the trash.     

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Kill your Parents


Torture by Teacher

35 Reasons why I Hate America 

Whenever your parents say: "you're too young to understand", know that is code for some real fishy BS, they don't want to admit to. Call bullshit!

Take another look at that last picture, above, on the far right of your screen. It comes from a drive-thru at McDonalds. Either our parents are too stupid or too lazy to read. I don't know which but they have been giving us cancer. Food and drinks served at fast food restaurants cause cancer. This is pure common sense and self preservation. Keep your parents while they feed you cancer and lies or you can take them out. I leave that choice up to you. But please give this some serious thought. Related article: Liberty Fires 

Does us all a favor, Kill your Parents

By Christopher R Rice

I wanted to call this article 'Two Americas' but I think someone wrote a book called 'Two Americas' back in the '60s or '70s about the 1% and the 99% before they even started using that term.

I think that the America that our parents grew up in and the America that I grew up in, the America that most of us grew up in, is vastly different. For instance, the America that children grow up in today, our education system ranks 29th out of 31 industrialized nations. Thirty to fifty percent of American children will drop out before the 12th grade. Is this the America our parents grew up in?

How about debt. America use to be the worlds number one creditor. Today the debt is so high we will never see it paid off. I don't know about you but I was raised that it is a parents responsibility to hand over or leave their child (ren) a better world than the one that they found.

Not only did our parents fail miserably at this, they also refuse to take any responsibility. I was raised that a man owns up to his mistakes. Yet our parents want to blame Obama, Clinton, Bush, the Republicans or the Democrats.  

The repair of the ozone layer in the 20th century was dependent on many coincidences. Models show that the ozone layer could have completely disappeared by 2050 had CFC emissions persisted. When Crutzen received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995, together with Molina and Rowland—or perhaps we should say the “Nobel Prize for Salvaging the Ozone Layer”—he conveyed how utterly humiliating it would have been for humanity to have destroyed the atmospheric layer that protects life on Earth, by the expedience of using aerosol sprays and refrigerators, unaware of the damage being caused.

On the one hand there was Thomas Midgley, the inventor of a substance that was endangering the hundred-million-year-old life-protecting atmospheric layer, and on the other, there were Crutzen, Johnston, Molina, Roland and others who, having recognized what was happening, demanded action.

Excerpted from The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How it Shapes Our Planet by Christian Schwägerl

I don't know how long you have been in this fight with me, maybe you were just born yesterday. But I remember fighting to get them/your parents to stop using aerosols and our parents laughed and so we had to get aerosols banned.

I had to fight McDonalds to get them to stop using Styrofoam. But I couldn't stop McDonalds from cutting down the rainforest or American ranchers from spraying my food, your food with chemicals, hormones or pesticides.

Our parents won't even man-up and take responsibility. America is 5% of the worlds population and yet we consume 25% of the worlds resources. Try to bring this fact up to your parents and see if there is any shame. Instead they try to compare us to third world countries and people living in mud huts. Why don't they ever compare us to any other industrialized nation? Say Canada, Japan, Germany.

You know  why they have to compare us to some shit hole? Because compared to any industrialized nation America looks like a hell hole.

Our parents have destroyed the planet and don't even show any remorse. You don't see our parents out there trying to fix this mess that they have created. Do you? Or should I believe that it was Obama or Bush who used all those aerosols and consumed 25% of the worlds resources? What, are they the Cone Heads?   

Have you heard this? Some parents are so cruel and sadistic their own children run away from home. Only able to take what they can carry. With nowhere to go. What do you suppose happens to these children? When the police catch up with them they are returned to their cruel and sadistic parents. This is why all adults must go.

They lie to each other. To their bosses. To their spouses. To their children, to everyone. They can not be trusted. They have done the minimal, the least amount required. They are just taking up space. At least my parents are fertilizer now and can be of some use.

What did you ever ask for? Attention? Love? Honesty? And for your loyalty and love what did they give you in return? It's an honest question. Pry your parents are just like mine, too busy to even answer a simple question. Who needs them? They are worthless. Worse than worthless when you look at all the damage they cause. There's only one way to save ourselves. They have left us with no choice. Either we watch them destroy everything, eating us out of house and home- have you seen the national debt? Or we kill your parents. And now, before it's too late.    

Doesn't it amaze you how willing they are to lie to you, to everybody. They lie to each other while demanding the truth. They lie for greed, for anything and for nothing at all. Your parents are not the upright decent folk they keep telling you that you MUST be. They are hypocrites. They have lied to us, to you -about everything.

And everything has a time. Everything has its place. At the end of the year, there's a holiday where all the adults get plastered, drunk. When you get up early in the morning, they will be in a deep sleep. You know the one, when you can go into their room, take money from their wallet or purse and they just keep right on sleeping. If all kids did this, then the next day there would be no more adults. Or rather, the few adults that might still be around will understand they need to help clean up this mess or get taken out with the rest of the trash.   

No, I think that we know exactly who is responsible for the mess that I was born into. That most Americans are born into. The mess that is America. And the worst part, these idiots still think that they can pass the buck. That the next president will just wave his or her magic wand and make America great again. Our parents are shirking their responsibilities, AGAIN.

FYI: Anonymous is not an army or political party that can come and save you/us/America.

We can sit around praying and voting. Keep on hoping like our idiot parents or we can get busy cleaning up this mess. And start by taking out the trash. What trash you ask, lets start with our parents, the gluttons for self preservation, before their evil, racist, homophobic, misogynist ways kill us all.

I know what you're thinking- "I can't take out my parents". Look, they are 'your' parents, 'your' responsibility. I've already taken my parents out. They had it coming.

I was/am a good little soldier. I dutifully separate my recyclables. Kept my room clean. Ate all of the food on my plate even when I didn't like it. Because I was told "there's some starving kid in China..".

For over 35 years, I have published, wrote, copy and pasted to make flyers, zines, websites, posters, blogs. Dutifully 'waking up the sheeple' everywhere I go. But the sheeple won't listen and it has become more like 'preaching to the choir', which has got real old, real fast.

We've even gone so far as to get naked to get your fucking attention. To "Wake YOU Up", but to no avail.