Ways to Make Money Online/10 High Paying sites that pay you to write
By Constance Gustke

It pays to cast your financial net online, where possibilities abound.

Monetizing your expertise -- whether in social networking or transcribing -- is one way to make money while sitting at your computer at home. But others also are popping up, such as taking online surveys or even predicting election results.

The good part: You don't have to pay a dime. And with some sites, you can start to make money online immediately. Most of these gigs are small, steady streams of cash. But they can add up to steady earnings over time.

To avoid scams, forget unknown or untested sites with big promises. "Find out if the site is legitimate," says Nick Mokey, associate editor of DigitalTrends.com. "How long has it been around? And what are they asking you to do?"

Also, keep a clock running so you can maximize your income without wasting your time. Follow these rules, and you'll find the Internet awash in moneymaking opportunities.

Pitch products online

Pitching other people's products is one of the Internet's best-paying gigs.

One method is being an affiliate at a mega-site such as
Amazon.com, where commissions are up to 25 percent. Anytime anyone buys a product you're pitching, you get a cut. And you can choose from more than a million products, including gift cards or computers.

ClickBank, commissions are even higher -- up to 75 percent -- and there are more than 50,000 products to choose from. Signing up is free.

On the downside, some ClickBank products can be of poor quality, says Bethany Mooradian, owner of
QueenoftheRandomJob.com. So some products are easier to pitch than others. One solution is to buy the product ahead of time to assess its quality, she says.

Dish out answers

If you're an information junkie, this gig is for you.

There are several to choose from to make money online. At
kgbanswers.com and JustAnswer.com, you become an expert after taking a brief test. At these websites, a customer asks a question and receives an answer from an "expert." At kgbanswers, answers come via your smartphone. At JustAnswers, answers come via email or text message. Both offer subscription and per-question alternatives.

Perform a microgig

You can offer your services online at task marketplaces such as
fiverr.com or Zaarly.com. At fiverr, workers fulfill tasks starting at $5 per job. Zaarly.com offers a similar service. It has launched its first storefront in San Francisco but has workers performing tasks all around the U.S.

Or, even better, head to Amazon Mechanical Turk, or
MTurk.com, says Mokey. More than 200,000 tasks are listed there to make money online, with varying pay and work requirements. Once a task is completed, payments are deposited in your Amazon Payments account.

"In the worldwide marketplace of today, your skills can be used for anything, including mapping," Mokey says. However, you're also competing against people in developing nations who are willing to work for pennies, he says.

To maximize earnings, evaluate tasks carefully.

Can you make accurate predictions?

Are you good at forecasting election results or the price of gold?

Then predictive sites are for you. Introduced by the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 2008, binary options are financial contracts that let you earn money by predicting the rise or fall of financial assets. You can buy them at binary option brokers (see
Fidelity for an example).

The website
Intrade is another twist in prediction-making. You can predict hundreds of events -- such as presidential election results or Academy Award winners -- by buying shares if you think the event will happen or selling shares if you think it won't happen. If your prediction is accurate, you make money. If it isn't, you lose money.

"Some power users buy thousands of shares at a time," says Carl Wolfenden, exchange operations manager at Dublin-based Intrade.com. "Others put $50 down and hold their shares. It's a lot of fun."

You should be warned that you can lose your entire investment, Wolfenden says. On the winning side, your money-making potential is unlimited.

Take an online survey

Put your money where your mouth is by giving advertisers your opinions.

To find a job, head to websites such as
MindFieldOnline.com, GlobalTestMarket.com or ZoomPanel.com, Mooradian says. They offer points and rewards for taking wide-ranging opinion surveys.

Another site,
eJury.com, will pay you for being part of online mock juries, Mooradian says. EJurors are paid $5 to $10 per verdict.

The attorney prepares the case submission, which consists of facts from the perspective of each party. EJury converts the attorney's case submission into an HTML format and posts it to a secure location on the website where only eJurors can access the case. EJurors review the facts of the case and answer questions, each clicking a "submit verdict" button upon completion.

But don't expect big paydays. "Surveys are good for making pocket change," Mooradian says. "Payouts are only pennies to a few dollars per survey." -ABCNews               

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Don't want your information monitored online? Whatever you do, don't Google.
Google Alternatives:
DuckDuckGo / StartPage  

10 High Paying sites that pay you to write

Are you an aspiring freelance writer or blogger? Enjoy writing? There are many ways to earn money blogging and one easy way is to blog for others.

Did you know you can get paid to write blog posts for other sites? There are many blogs that pay you to write for them. And it doesn’t matter what niche you are familiar with.

There are blogs in every topic imaginable. From travel, to food, to coding and even penny pinching. Don’t think you need a writing degree to get do this.

If you’re looking for quick cash and you have relatively good writing skills, why not try these 10 high-paying blogs that pay you to write?

Check them out here.

1. The Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder is a blog about making and saving money. They pay a flat rate per post (must be prearranged with the editor) and also offers bonuses of up to $800 if your blog post reaches a certain number of views. Popular posts center around working from home.

2. A Fine Parent

Fine Parent focuses on a specific theme each month. They look for articles (typically 1,500-3,000 words), with quality content rather then quantity.

Submissions open intermittently when the site creator announces the next few monthly themes and accepts outlines for potential articles. Pay is $100 upon acceptance of an article, with an opportunity to earn a $200 bonus for the author of the most viewed blog post at the end of the year.

3. Babble

Babble is a parenting, news and lifestyle website owned by Disney. The site covers a variety of topics, from pregnancy, entertainment, life with babies and toddlers, beauty, and travel. Although pay is not listed, I’ve read that it’s around $150 for a post.

4. Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing has articles on the craft and business of getting paid to travel. This includes getting paid by writing, photography, tours or other means. They do not publish straight travel pieces (like what to pack if you’re a family of 6). They pay anywhere from $50-$200, depending on the type of assignment you take on.

5.  The Dollar Stretcher

If you know a lot about frugal living, then you can write for The
Dollar Stretcher. This website is dedicated to “living better… for less.” They’re looking for specific ways to help people save time and money. They pay $.10/word for published pieces in their print version of their newsletters. For posts online, they are able to pay for some guest posts where the author does not want links back to their site/book.

6. Back to College

Back to College is a site about adults returning back to school. Topics focus on financial aid, finding the right program, success strategies and more. Articles may be anecdotal, or include examples and resources where readers can obtain more information. Payment is $55+ for your original piece of 1,000-1,500+ words.

7. Listverse

If you enjoy reading and writing list posts, then this is the perfect site for you.
Listverse only publishes list posts. On any topic. General categories include: entertainment, bizarre, general knowledge, lifestyle, science, society and more. They pay $100 for 1,000 words listing at least 10 items.

8. Wow! Women on Writing

Wow Women is a site by women for women on the topic of writing. The site focuses on topics such as publishing, writing, reading and journalism. They seek articles on topics such as writing tips and how-to pieces etc. They pay $150 for 3000-word posts and $50 for shorter articles. They also feature an author bio with links.

9. Matador Network

Matador Network is a travel blog covering adventures, cultures and identities of people around the world. They seek original content (max. 1500 words) and will pay $40. Topics they like include: family and kids, luxury and high end, sports and adventure, culture and religion, language and study abroad, and trip planning.

10. Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun Magazine is geared towards families with children ages three to 12. It provides parents with tips and information for creating life’s most unforgettable memories. This looks like a print publication so payment usually takes up to 3- 6 months to see. But, they do pay around $1.25 per word and articles run between 800-3,000 words.

Wrapping it Up

There are many sites in many niches that you can find that pay good money. If you need some extra cash or just need to build your portfolio as a new freelance writer, then this is the quickest way to go about it.

Over to you – do you have a site that pays? Tell us in the comments.

Elna Cain

Elna Cain is a freelance writer and coach. She writes for Blogging Wizard, PageWiz, WPKube and more. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, ghostwriting and copywriting services. Not quite sure freelance writing is for you? Why not try her totally free course,
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Ways to Make Money Online/10 High Paying sites that pay you to write

By Christopher R Rice

Get paid to report traffic / accidents NavBug.com

How does it work?
First of all, you need to register for free. Then, you will need a smartphone to connect from, and report traffic conditions while you commute (When it's safe and legal to do so).

How much will I make?
The more people view your report, the more you get paid. If you're the first to report a major accident, you will make much more than if you report an incident hours after it's been covered by other sites, or TV news broadcasts. We calculate how much your report is worth using an algorythm. Some high quality report can be paid up to $25. Some other will get paid just a few cents. In the end if you report regularly accidents, and traffic conditions, you could make up to a few hundred dollars a month.

What if I report fake accidents to make more money?
Your account will be frozen. You won't even be able to access navbug.com anymore, as we will block your IP address.

How are payments made?
Every month, we will send you a Paypal money transfer, if your account has reached at least $25. If not, your earning will be reported to the following month, and so on, until you reach $25.  

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