(How to) Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary (for Dummies)

If you want to set up a business which can really help the community and earn you substantial revenue then you should consider selling medical marijuana in one of the legal states.

This unique
service gives you complete guidance on starting a medical marijuana dispensary. It will save you time and take away the stress of applying to become a licensed marijuana dispensary. Your chances of having your application approved will increase. Also they provide additional guidance on how to run your marijuana dispensary or delivery service.

The way things are going, cultivating and supplying legal marijuana has got to be a growth industry in more ways than one; in fact, it has been labeled the green rush.  If you’re wondering how to get in on this burgeoning health care sector you are not alone.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is easy money, though.  Opening a medical marijuana dispensary is by no means straight-forward; neither is running one because, as far as federal law is concerned, marijuana – medical or not – is illegal, period.

In this article we give you some points to steer you in the right direction.

1.   Create A Business Plan
2.   Get Funding

Be realistic, you will need at least $30,000 to set up; this figure includes the following essentials:

Security deposit 
Marijuana Dispensary Software
Security guard
Computer system 
Merchant Facilities for accepting credit cards
Security system
Display cases
Legal Advice
Guide to opening a medical marijuana dispensary
Phone line
Office equipment

It does not include:

related merchandise

3.   Form a Corporation

Just as with any other start up business, you need to create a business plan.  Most medical marijuana lawyers recommend that you form a corporation for maximum protection.  The type of corporation will depend on the law in your particular state; one thing is certain, you cannot open a
Federal 501(c) (3) corporation because as far as the Federal Law is concerned, marijuana is illegal, period. Instead you need to open a C-corporation:

Choose an available business name that complies with your state’s corporation rules
Appoint the initial directors of your corporation
File formal paperwork, usually called “articles of incorporation,” and pay a filing fee that ranges from $100 to $800, depending on the state where you are incorporating
Create corporate “bylaws,” which lay out the operating rules for your corporation
Hold the first meeting of your board of directors;
Issue stock certificates to the initial owners (shareholders) of the corporation
Obtain city and county business licenses, which will involve:

Meetings with relevant city and county government agencies

Find your premises, which will involve:

Discussing the current laws and possible liabilities with the potential landlord

Design your dispensary floor plan and security procedures
Design your record keeping system – this is vital
Design your inventory control
Design your forms :

Patient registration and record cards
Staff timesheets
Daily stationery

Medical marijuana is valuable and sought after item. A dispensary needs solid procedures in place to assure that its medicine isn't being stolen. This will demand repeated physical counts of the products on hand and also accurate collection/accounting of sales. Preferably the dispensary’s point-of-sales program (POS) will track the dispensary’s inventory. You'll need the ability to know what the present inventory available is at any particular time. A deviation report (POS count vs. actual) is your best way to identify problems. In case your greenroom/sales register employee switches shifts mid-day, you'll choose to cross verify by performing a count then as well. You may encounter an instance exactly where one strain of medical marijuana is a few grams short but a different strain is a few grams over (but overall totals balance). This would reveal that the incorrect product was run through the POS system. You have to be far more concerned with the overall variance total (which combines all the various strains).The variance report is a superb process to have in place and will deter personnel from trying to steal.

As already stated, much of what you do will be governed by medical marijuana state-laws and, before you go any further, we strongly suggest you make yourself familiar with the laws for the state where you propose to open your marijuana dispensary.            

cannabis grow

Chris's Grow Tips

By Christopher R Rice

You have two choices when growing your own weed.

You can over think this and complicate it. You can ditch the dirt and go hydroponic and spend an arm and a leg on nutrients and lights but you won't have a better product. And if you forget or go cheap on those expensive nutrients you're fucked. You end up with junk.

Or you can grow the Chris Rice way. Which is to stop thinking and realize that you are just growing a fuckin' weed.

This doesn't mean you can grow anywhere without work and have top notch buds. But you can grow top notch buds without breaking the bank. And my way is less work too.

You can use this method for indoor or outdoor growing. Which way doesn't matter, if you can grow in both even better.

Use clones or seeds, which ever you can get your hands on. Again, it does not matter.

There's two types of weed. Sativa's have a very thin leaf. Indica's have a broad leaf. Again, it doesn't matter, which ever you can get your hands on. If you can grow both, even better.

Now that you have your seeds or clones, you need superior dirt. This is simple, buy a bag, not the cheap shit. When it comes to dirt you actually get what you pay for, so go all out. Or you can make your own.

(Start your plants in 5 gallon buckets with drainage holes.)

Marijuana grows best in moist, well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter (such as compost or peat moss).

Check drainage by soaking the soil with a hose, waiting a day, then digging up a handful of soil. Squeeze the soil hard. If water streams out, you'll probably want to add compost or organic matter to improve the drainage.

Next, open your hand.

If the soil hasn't formed a ball, or if the ball falls apart at the slightest touch, the soil is probably too sandy. (Add organic matter to improve sandy soil.)

If the ball holds together even if you poke it fairly hard, you have too much clay in your soil. (Organic matter improves clay soil, too.)

But if the ball breaks into crumbs when you poke it -- like a chocolate cake -- rejoice! Your soil is ideal.

Next you need full sun. Marijuana grown outdoors needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sun. If they don't get enough light, they won't bear as much and they'll be more susceptible to attack from insects or diseases.

Indoors, find some cheap grow lights. If you can't afford them you can use grow lights from Wal-Mart or Home Depot, they are the same ones at the nursery that give off the full spectrum of the sun but they charge about half as much as the nursery's charge.

Growing indoors is a little tricky because you have to watch your lights to make sure they are not too close to the plants that you burn them. And yet close enough that your plants aren't reaching to get to them.

Indoors you must recreate mother nature. So you need a fan to circulate the air. Stale air is deadly to your plants.

Co2 is not necessary.

Indoors you give your seedlings or clones 24 hours of direct light. For at least 4 weeks. No more than 8 weeks. This amount of time varies only by the amount of space you have and your own patience. Again, it does not matter. 

Remember plenty of water. Marijuana is not drought tolerant, you'll need to give them a drink during dry spells. Do not allow your plants or dirt to dry out.

Here's the trick with watering. Too much water will drown the roots and kill the plant. Too little water and you can add water and revive the plant but it won't be the super buds you could've had. So keep your soil damp but not drowning. Marijuana needs lots of water. If you can use distilled water it's worth the money because tap water is hard and leaches nutrients from your soil.

For indoor growing the next step is to switch your lighting from 24 hours a day to 16 hours of continuous light and 8 hours of darkness.

Indoors you want to do this for 4 weeks minimum and 8 weeks max.

If your growing outdoors it's time to transfer your plants from a 5 gallon bucket to the ground. The trick here is to dig two feet down from the surface. Dig a 2' by 4' hole. Then dig your hole for your plant. Transplant at night so the roots aren't exposed to any sun.

This extra 2 feet gives your plant another 2 feet to grow before the neighbors can see it peaking over your fence.

Now it's time to top your plant by cutting off the most top leaves that just sprouted out. Two more will grow in its place and in about a week or so do it again. This will give you a bushy plant with a lot more buds on it than if you just let it grow.

Next step, change lighting to 12 hours of direct light and 12 hours in complete darkness. This is extremely important during the 12 hour dark period do not let any light on your plants. It won't kill them but your buds won't get as much THC.

During this budding period  you need to add bat guano and hydrogen peroxide to your water. Peroxide aerates the soil and bat shit is fertilizer.

During the budding cycle your leaves will turn yellow and fall off, that's okay. If your leaves do this during any other time your plants need nutrient's. Buy a Ph kit from any home store or nursery and check the soil. It's simple and will tell you immediately what your soil is missing.

Or start a compost pile and put a little compost each week on the top of your soil.

When you switch to 12 hours light and 12 hours of darkness your plants will begin to bud. If they have white glistening hairs / flowers great. If they grow little pods instead of white hairs you have males. Cut the males down, hang upside down in your garage. When they dry use to make marijuana brownies.

Females continue to grow indoors until the white hairs start to turn brown or red. Same for outdoors, harvest about mid October. Or when more than 50 percent of the hairs have turned colors.


1.) Cut With Love and Care

Actually harvesting cannabis is by far the simplest part of harvest process-one simple snip of the stalk is all it takes, and then the hard work begins with the curing and trimming process. Just make sure that you cut in the right place-make the incision below the first intersection of branches, and be sure to cut all the way through the first time.

2.) Set Aside Your Initial Trim for Hash

Once you've cut off your plant, now it's time to get rid of the trim so the plant can cure. But don't just throw all the stuff you cut off away without looking at it carefully first. Any leaves and seemingly useless parts that look crystalized and are covered in trichomes can be sent off to be made into bubble hash, and making hash with trim will make your yield go a lot further.

3.) Dry According to Local Conditions

Once you have done the initial trimming of your plant, it is time to hang it to dry. If you live at a high elevation during a dry time of year with no snow, the best bet is to leave on some of the bigger leaves until the plant is more dried out. If you live at sea level and 100 miles or less from the ocean , or if there is snow on the ground, then the best bet is to cut off as many leaves as possible so that the plant does not stay too moist and moldy.

4.) Observe and Adjust Accordingly

The drying process can take as long as 30 days, and the plants should be checked regularly during that time to make sure they are curing properly. More leaves might need to be trimmed off if they are too moist, and plants can be hung alongside moister, less cured plants if they are too dry so that they can absorb some of the water.

5.) Check out the Final Product

Once all that hard work is done and your plant is properly dried and cured. It's time for the fun part-testing the product. This when you'll learn if the cannabis you grew is truly up to snuff and worthy of being shared. Enjoy, and happy harvesting!


With the frantic days of harvest over. The plants have dried and been manicured. Now you might have some time to deal with the leaf and trim that you have saved. There are so many ways that it can be used:

1.) Tincture - Make a tincture by soaking the grass in high -proof alcohol such as Everclear or over- proof rum for a week. Shake occasionally. You can use as a drink or concentrate it into drops.

2.) Salve - Easily made by mixing ground leaf or buds in glycerin, aloe and alcohol or into a commercial salve. Use it externally for pain relief.

3.) Kief - Rub leaves or buds over a silk or metal screen. Kief screens are available in many shops.

4.) Marijuana Butter or Oil - Make this by slowly simmering the leaf/trim in butter or oil for a few hours. Strain the leaf and use.

5.) Water hash - Shake leafs/ground bud in a jar with water and ice for 5 minutes. Let settle. Pour out the water and leaf. The THC containing glands remain at the bottom of the container. Dry and use.         

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