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How to make money in the Underground
By Christopher R Rice

Maybe someone is garnishing your wages. Or maybe there's a lien on your bank account. Or maybe you're just sick of Uncle Sam having his hands in your pockets all damn day long.

There's many reasons someone might need a second or third income. And getting a second job maybe counterproductive if you need to hire baby sitters and the second job will only pay minimum wage. Or maybe your only source of income is SSI and working would cause you to lose your health insurance and the only source of income you have. But whatever the reason we need to eat and when ends don't meet it's time to find a hustle or two.

Here is a list (click link) to get you started, we are constantly updating this list so check back frequently. If you have something to add, drop us a line.

Any single person can do any one or several of these. Most of these are illegal but there's also plenty of hustles on this list that are perfectly legal. (You decide which is which.) Hope this helps you find the bread you need.