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SissyBoi (subs, slaves, sissys)-Domme Parties are where a group of Dommes/Mistresses invite subservients, male or female, and usually in a ratio of two subs per Domme, to a 3-4 hour “party”, held in a safe and secure location. SissyBoi Parties are held about once a month. A tribute/deposit is always required in advance; to receive an invitation. Tribute/deposit is 100.

What happens at the Party?

To include but not be limited to: Foot Worship/torture, Role Play, Bondage, Toys, FistPlay, Showers, Humiliation, Sensual Pain, Forcing and Denial, Outfits, Whip Spanking, CBT, foot worship/torture, G/B showers, face sitting, and more. The party may have a special theme, for example, corporal punishment (CP), cock & ball torture (CBT), Mistress worship, Cross-dressing, Gangbang/rape or may simply follow a general theme, dependent upon the Mistresses present and the desires of the subs. The activities available at the party will always be posted and discussed beforehand.

Why a SissyBoi Party? 

SissyBoi parties are the experience of a life time, guaranteed to be the most fun you can possibly have. More intense and gratifying than a one-on-one session, and more intimate and supportive than a fetish club, we provide a discreet, relaxed, no rush experience.

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SissyBoi party Etiquette?

Etiquette is extremely important, other subs at the party are your equal, treat each other with respect, without judgement, and be supportive of one another. “Service” subs/slaves may also be present at the party to help the Dommes; again they should have your full respect, and they can be a great source of information, particularly for beginners.

What activities will I get to try?

Your preferences will be discussed prior to attending the party. One of the delights of a SissyBoi Party, is to be passed, Domme to Domme! All Dommes present will follow Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) practice, your limits will be strictly adhered to. 

Tribute/donation at time of party 200. (in addition to 100. tribute/deposit.) 


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