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How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS, and NSA for FREE.  How to beat any drug test. How to beat any court case. And how to download college textbooks for FREE. Plus much more. If you want a revolution against an unjust, unfair, corrupt system, THE REVOLUTION IS HERE.

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5 Ways to Beat Police Brutality

10 Rules to the Game

10 Lies the US gov. needs you to believe to keep themselves out of jail

11 Signs Someone is Lying

25 Methods of Disinformation

35 Facts are Actually Myths

35 Reasons Why I Hate America

46,000+ American citizens are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit

About (the Underground)

About me

Adult Toys (NSFW)

Adult XXX Vacation


Afghan heroin & the CIA

After Backpage Censure

Alternatives to Backpage / Craigslist / MyRedbook

American Slavery Today

Americas Criminal Justice System is Racist

Americas Dumbest Cops

Americas Unsung Heroes

Americas War Criminals

Anarchy (Explained)

Arrest the President

Autism in America

Backpage Stings

Beat any Prostitution Sting

Beat the Police

Better than Backpage

Black Jesus


Body Art (NSFW)

Bomb making 101

Bong Shop

Car Clubs

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up by Bush/Cheney and our media


Class War


Cop Killer (NSFW)

Cops are Corrupt (by city/state)

CPS (How to beat)

Craigslist Girls Uncensored (NSFW)

Crime Does Pay

Criminal Defenses

Drug Police / Stings


Drug Test (Beat any)




Escorts (verified and well reviewed)

Escort Do's and Don't s

Escort Strategies and the Law

Extreme Restraints (NSFW)

Facebook (Protect yourself)


Free Stuff

From Incest to Prostitution

FuckDaPolice Don't Just Say It, Do It! Here's how...


Fuck School

Fuck the US Military

Gear (Underground merchandise)

Girls Gone Wild

Grow Your Own



Health Big Pharma and You


Homeless Cure

How much does the US owe?

(How to)Darkweb

How to file a complaint against a police officer

(How to) Spot LE on Backpage (for Dummies)

ICE Is 'Out of Control'

Know Your Rights: ICE

Know Your Rights: Police Dogs

Know Your Rights:
Prostitution Stings

Legalize all drugs


Love (relationships)

Low Rider


National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

People's Party

Pimps of Backpage

Police Brutality

Police caught with Prostitutes

Police Killings

Police Surveillance

Police Tactics

Politicians caught with Prostitutes

Porn, free

Prohibition KILLS


Radar Jamming



The New
Sanctuary Movement

Underground Self Defense

Shoplifting for the Holidays

SissyBoi Toys (NSFW)


Snitches of America (pictures / locations)

Solitary Confinement

Staff (the Crew)

Street Racing

Street Walkers (pictures / locations) (NSFW)

The Super Rich (Economic Terrorist)

Take Notice

Tattoos (articles and pictures)

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Undercover Cops (How to detect)

Underground World

US Prison / Jail System is Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Wanted: Webcam Models

Webcam Girls



Who's Constitution?

Why America Really Dropped the Atomic Bomb (s)

Wrongful Convictions (True stories)

WWF Leaked Sex Tapes

WWF Sex Scandal


You would be Safer Without the Police

XXX party (locations, pictures and videos) (NSFW)

XXX pictures of escorts and sex parties