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10 Reasons to arrest frm Presidents GWBush and Obama

10 Reasons to Legalize all drugs

10 Rules to be my Slave

11 Signs Someone is Lying

15 post/sites Censored by the US from the internet

16 War Crimes committed by Abraham Lincoln

25 Methods of Disinformation

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35 Reasons Why I Hate America

70 Types of Torture used by the CIA

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46,000+ American citizens are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit

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Afghan heroin & the CIA

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Americas Criminal Justice System is Racist

Americas Dumbest Cops

Americas Unsung Heroes

Americas War Criminals

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China: What the Media is not telling

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        Why the CIA created ISIS

Class War

Clitoris Revealed

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COINTELPRO (then and now)

CollarMe RIP


Cops are Corrupt (by city/state)

Corrupt Corporate America

CPS: How to get your kids back

CPS and medical marijuana

CPS Prevention 101

CPS: Protection at it's worse

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Crime Does Pay

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Drugs are better and cheaper

Drug Stings: Undercover cops invade your campsus

Drug Test (Beat any)

Drug test the President

Drug war is a scam

Drunk Sluts (NSFW)

Dumpster diving


Elections, Rigged

Elections vs Voters


Escorts (verified and well reviewed) (NSFW)

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Escort Strategies and the Law

Extreme Restraints (NSFW)

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Fake News:
Dead Babies


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Free Julian #FirstTheyCameForAdssange

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FuckDaPolice Don't Just Say It, Do It! Here's how...


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Hillary Clinton's War Crimes


Homeless Cure

How do Backpage stings work?

How does racism work?

How long will this drug stay in my sysytem?

How much does the US owe?

How to Beat Police Investigations

How to Cure Diabetes, Insomnia, Stress, High Blood Pressure and more

How drug testing targets the poor and minorities

(How to) Get anal sex from any girl

(How to) Legalize Prostitution

(How to) Money

(How to) Money Laundering (for Dummies)

(How to) Report Bad Cops

How to Rob a Bank and get away

How to file a complaint against a police officer

How to Protest/End Slavery

(How to) Spot LE on Backpage (for Dummies)

How to Surviving Apocalypse

How to Take America back (for Dummies)

How to verify a client is not an undercover pig

How to verify what is real/fake

Human experimentation  

Trafficking Resource Guide

ICE Is 'Out of Control'

I Love Drugs

Information (Control of)


Iran: What the media is not telling

Ivanka Trump

ISIS is a CIA Death Squad

J Edgar Hoover

Know Your Rights: ICE

Know Your Rights: Police Dogs

Know Your Rights:
Prostitution Stings

Korea: What the Media is not telling

Legalize all drugs


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National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

No Justice No Peace

No Warrant No Problem

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People's Party

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Police officer(s) arrested for child rape

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Police Brutality

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Police Surveillance

Police Tactics

Politicians caught with Prostitutes

Porn, free (NSFW)

Prohibition KILLS



Revelation Now


Rita Ora hacked (NSFW)

The New
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Saudi Arabia (How to) Boycott Modern Day Apartheid

Shoplifting for the Holidays

Single Swingers rules (NSFW)

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Slavery: Made in America


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Starbucks -What's in your cup?

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Syria: What the media is not telling

The Super Rich (Economic Terrorist)

(How to) Take America back (for Dummies)

Take Notice

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The End

Top Ten American War Criminals Living Freely Today

Top Ten Reasons Not to Talk to the Police

Topless Protest

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Undercover Cops (How to detect)

Underground Resistance

Underground World

Urban Guerrilla

US Military Atrocities In Iraq and Afghanistan worse than Nazi Germany

US Prison / Jail System is Cruel and Unusual Punishment           

Wanted: Webcam Models

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(What is) White Nationalism?

Who's Constitution?

Why America Really Dropped the Atomic Bomb (s)

Wrongful Convictions (True stories)


WWF Leaked Sex Tapes

WWF Sex Scandal

Victims of Free Speech


You would be Safer Without the Police

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