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Slave training Part 1

By Mistress Naomi

1. Clothes off. 2. Put on everything in this bag - EVERYTHING. Cuffs go on each wrist, the chain draped over the limb right above your head. You might have to stand on your toes to stay comfortable - deal with it. 3. Before you cuff yourself, your clothes and cell phone go in this bag, zipped up. Cell phone off.

Well, look at this. A whore,”  “Ready to go and play, whore? Or have you had enough already? Convince me that you do. Tell me what you’ll do in exchange for being untied. Don’t turn around yet. Stay right where you are, Gag yourself for me, boy.

Are you still going to suck my cock, you little slut?

Do you want to be in pain, whore? And what about humiliation? Do you like that too? Well, look at you, Ungag Need a cock to plug up that hole? You’d better not get your slobber all over my carpet, whore. Gag and choke on my thick cock.” While I force your head down, rip your hair and shoot my hot cum down your throat. Swallow it all so that you don’t waste a drop.

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