Marijuana $5 to $25gr / $100 to $350 ounce (28gr) (for local dispensaries/prices

cannabis grow

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Magic mushrooms 1/8 (3 1/2gr) $30 to $40

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Oxycontin $1 per mg / 40mg $40 and so on

Molly / E / Ecstasy / MDMA  $7 to $10 per pill/ 100 pills $3.00 to $3.50 per pill

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California (Southern)

LSD/acid $7 to $12 per hit

Meth size of Chiclets gum $20 / 8 ball (3 1/2gr) $40 to $50 / ounce (28gr) $100 to $300

Xanax .5mg $1 to $2 each / 1mg $4 to $5 each / 2mg $8 to $10 each

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Angel Dust



Codeine Lean

How to make Crack

How to Open a Dispensary

DMT How to do it/grow it

I love Drugs

Heroin How to

Magic Mushrooms LSD


Marijuana Grow

Marijuana: Myth Busters

Meth Shake-N-Bake



How to Beat Police and DEA Drug Stings

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420 Girls

Police Brutality is as American as Apple pie

How to File a Complaint against a Police Officer

Victims of Free Speech 

What is / How to Darkweb

Anarchist Cookbook UPDATED

Nude Protest (NSFW)

CENSORED 15 pics/post/sites banned or removed by US GOV from Internet

Norco 5mg $1 to $2 each / 10mg $4 to $7 each / Percocet 10mg $7 to $10 each

Street Drug Price Guide

By Christopher R Rice

You, the reader, update the Price Guide and keep it current. The price of street drugs varies from city to city and state to state. As well as who you know and how much you buy. Send price(s) of street drug(s) in your area along with your city/state to To test for quality see a specific drug page (below). 

How much do street drugs cost in your town?

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Cocaine $40gr / 8 ball (3 1/2gr) $90 to $110

Heroin size of Tic-Tac $10 / ounce (28gr) $1000.