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Police Torture in America

Torture and the United States

Police Family Violence Fact Sheet

Family violence is two to four times higher in the law-enforcement community than in the general population

Torture Inc. America's Brutal Prison System - Prison Slavery

Police Brutality is as American as Apple pie

Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence 

Take Direct Action against the Police
The Peaceful Streets Project

The popularity of cop watching as a direct action tactic has been surging nationally. In the aftermath of the unjust killing of Michael Brown, and particularly the overly aggressive and violent actions that the various law enforcement agencies took against those protesting Michael Brown’s killing, We Copwatch (led by our friend and ally Jacob Crawford) teamed up with the Canfield Watchmen (led by David Whitt) to create a cop watching presence in Ferguson and the surrounding areas. Like the Peaceful Streets Project did in 2012, We Copwatch and the Canfield Watchmen raised thousands of dollars to put scores of cameras into the hands of the people so they could hold police accountable.

We were lucky to be able to learn from the successes and failures of cop watchers that came before us. Jacob Crawford and We Copwatch had been cop watching for years, and we were able to use their work as a guide for ours. But we also met members of the Austin Brown Berets who didn’t have the benefit of cell phones and portable cameras when they were trying to rein in abusive and racist police in the late 70′s and early 80′s. We also had the opportunity to host Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale and learn from him how they cop watched when all they had were their eyes to bear witness to police abuse, and their rifles to serve as a deterrent to the police abusing them.

Cop watchers from the Black Panther Party, the Brown Berets, We Copwatch, the Peaceful Streets Project, and the Canfield Watchmen have always stood up for the most vulnerable members of society – the people the police choose to prey upon as opposed to protect.

The act of cop watching has become perhaps the most powerful direct action tactic. Know Your Rights trainings are critical in educating people. Giving victims a platform to share their stories of abuse raises awareness. Organizing summits can help build communities. And many people are doing great work trying to change laws to help chip away at the police state. But it seems that cop watching is the tactic that has the greatest ability to change the way that victims respond to police abuse, to immediately alter the behavior of the police, and to help those on the sidelines to recognize that the offense that police everywhere take to filming indicates that the bad cop mentality is rooted deep within the culture of law enforcement.

The movement has now drafted the young and elderly, people of all races and all socio-economic backgrounds, and now the movement is even getting airtime on mainstream media. Last weekend, Peaceful Streets Project founder Antonio Buehler even had a five minute piece that ran on Fox News at 10p Eastern.       

Get up, stand up

So what can you do? Our options are limited. Here are five direct actions that any person or group of people can do to help end police brutality and excessive force. Read more: 5 Ways to End Police Brutality

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October 22-A National Day of Mourning On October 22nd, we are all Americans, we stand as one people, one nation, without color, creed or division. We are one, we are America.

OCT. 22ND A NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER AND CALM This is a call for a day of prayer and calm. To mourn the dead. This is a non-violent protest. A day of remembrance, not a day for violence. Read more:
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The US government, the police and the US military are completely and totally out of control. If you haven't seen the news they admit to using white phosphorous, they admit to torture and the courts see nothing wrong with shooting and killing of unarmed citizens who's only crime was following every order given by the police. Read more: (How to) Openly Fight the Emerging Police State

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