Tyranny a Message to the Soldiers

By Christopher R Rice

I've got to tell you about some friends of mine. So that you can understand...

Back in the 1920's there was a great depression. Everyone was out of work. No one had anyway to pay their rent or utilities or even buy food. People lined up looking for work. People would literally do anything for a job. But there wasn't any work, anywhere.

Then one day the landlord would show up with the sheriff. And he'd tell you "look you haven't paid rent in six months. I've got a court order. You've got to go". And you'd say something like "But I've got no money and nowhere to go". And then the sheriff  would chime-in "Too bad buddy we're here to put you out". And with that the landlord and sheriff would barge past you and into your home. Then both men would take a quick look around and then grab your couch and haul it outside. Next would be the coffee table and so on and so on.

When your neighbors came out and saw what was going on, do you know what they did?

They picked up the couch and moved it back into your house. And then the coffee table and so on and so on. And of course the sheriff would grumble "Hey what do you people think you're doing? Get out of here". But your neighbors just ignored the sheriff and kept moving your stuff back into your house.

The sheriff and the landlord would then grab your couch and drag it back outside. But as soon as they went back for the coffee table your neighbors grabbed your couch and hauled it back inside. This went on all day long until the sheriff got tired and in one big huff told the landlord that he was done and had to get back to the office. Of course the landlord would kick and scream and complain the tenant had yet to be evicted. At which the sheriff would shrug and go back to the station.  

The next true story takes place in the 1930's when Hitler came to power. Several countries avoided being invaded by signing over their countries. Like signing over the pink slip to your car.

America promised Poland that if they stood up to Hitler and Germany that we'd have their backs. The Poles weren't going to just roll over like everybody else anyways. But America never kept her promise to the Polish people. The reinforcements they were expecting never arrived. And thousands of Poles died.

One Polish guy stole an ambulance. He already knew from Hitler's speeches and actions what was coming for the Jews. So without GPS, without a Thomas Guide or cell phones he drove from one Jewish home to another and loaded that ambulance until it was full. Then he turned on the sirens because the Nazis had just killed thousands of Poles and they weren't stopping ambulances to look at the carnage. So he drove that ambulance through check points, all the way to safety in Switzerland.

I had another friend who was Turkish and he told me about the genocide committed there and how they escaped at night. They loaded everything they owned onto a horse and buggy in the middle of the night. My friend said he was about six years old at the time and there was fighting, gunfire and explosions happening all around him. So in the dead of night they escaped.

But as they were driving, he said the roads felt tore up like explosions had caused craters in the roads. As the sun began to come up he looked back down the road and it was littered with hundreds of dead bodies. The bumps in the road were not craters but dead people. Thousands of dead bodies laying in the road.

What we have coming is much worse. And I don't see how any of you are even remotely prepared for what is coming.

If you think about it. It really doesn't matter who wins in November because our government is no longer "of the people, for the people, by the people" and neither candidate plans to return our rights to us. Our rights were not won because some Congressmen or woman wrote them down in a law. Our rights were won by struggle. And we can only regain our rights and our country through struggle. Only by blood, sweat and tears. If you want to be a soldier, I'm here to raise an army. Welcome to the Underground.     

THANK YOU for stopping by Underground America Inc. 

One thing is clear to anyone who sees the economic system clearly. The system is on the verge of implosion. Privately owned and operated prison companies trade on Wall Street. One of those, Wackenhut, is a virtual CIA proprietary. We have entered, at the end of the industrial age, a phase of growth where we must incarcerate an ever-expanding number of people to sustain the growth of all the companies profiting from law enforcement, crime, imprisonment and war. And the overheated stock market must grow or collapse. The reason this nation spends five dollars on prisons for every one dollar on higher education – even after seven straight years of falling crime rates – is because there is more profit in it in the current economic model. Hell, we have turned police departments into profit making entities through asset forfeiture. This is insane!

This economic model is patently no more sustainable than a snake eating its own tail can be considered nourishment. Organized crime has become the government and it seeks to make all citizens become subliminally guilty participants, fearing for their own livelihoods, believing that the system will collapse if someone really tackles the issues facing us – as surely as the iceberg faced the Titanic.

The system will collapse anyway – unless the economic model is turned upside down – unless a way is found or offered which will make it more profitable than all other ways – to do the right thing. The only thing that will sustain the current economic system, and its dependence on drug capital, is a police state. New enforcement programs involving HUD and the Department of Justice- along with their corresponding butchery of the Constitution – show an emerging police state already. The conduct of Congress and the White House and the CIA further demonstrate the arrogance, and the ever-increasing sloppiness of a system out of control.

The veneer, the illusion that we live under the rule of law cracks before our eyes, grows thinner and ever more difficult to sell with each passing minute. All at once the fears of the right of a New World Order and the fears of the left, of new concentration camps and genocide suddenly become one and the same thing. Dogma matters little to the oppressed. Pain tastes the same whether you call it Fascism or Communism.