Self defenses

1.) Rely on your brains for self defense, particularly when it comes to forming the right staying-alive attitude.

Sex Abuse Prevention

2.) Look at empty-handed or unarmed fighting techniques.

How to Kill Someone (with your bare hands)

3.) A stun gun is not a traditional gun; it is a battery-powered and handheld device that sends an electric shock into an assailant. Tasers send metal barbs over a distance to attach themselves to an assailant; they are attached to the hand-held device through wires, which are electrified to immobilize an assailant at a distance.

4.) Pepper spray causes an assailant to be momentarily blinded and his bronchial tubes to get restricted, causing a lot of coughing and choking. If women are serious about purchasing pepper spray for self defense, they should purchase pepper spray that features Scoville Heat Units of between one and two million, which is the most effective spray for self defense.

5.) Firearms are an effective self defense weapon.

6.) Consider other tools as alternatives to more common items like guns or pepper spray. One alternative is the persuader or kubotan, which is an almost six-inch long cylinder that is used for hitting or just pressure-point manipulation. Knives are yet another alternative.       

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