From Anonymous: The American justice system actually doesn't care if you're innocent or not. Their primary goal is convicting. For example, I spent a little time inside the Texas legal system. The charges brought up on me were absolutely nit picky and a stretch of the law by far. During the whole process, the first thing my attorney tells me is that it is Texas policy that under no circumstances once charges are filed will the DA (District Attorney) drop them. Ever. And during my entire legal battle I saw it, guys would speak with their attorneys for months and months and months waiting for a trial, it was always the same story. The DA would come in, "say sign for 2-10 years or some number like that or take it to trial. But if you take it to trial it is our policy to give you the maximum amount of time." And of course there's ways out of it if you have an attorney, but I need to stress this and stress it fully. Court appointed attorneys (PD) are not for your legal defense. PDs only stand as your legal representation. As your mouth piece to the DA. But those guys are on the County payroll, they work for the DA, they do absolutely nothing to help you legally. If you cannot afford an attorney these guys blow you off, don't answer your questions and don't do anything to help you.

Then, they may throw some numbers for deferred adjudication probation. Five to ten years on probation? That sounds a hell of a lot better than five to 10 years in prison. Right? Wrong. In Texas, the Deferred adjudication probation and some counties has upwards of a 90% failure rate. That system is completely designed for you to fail. And if you violate your probation, you don't get a trial. They automatically give you 10 years. I could have 10 years probation and a nine-day 363 violate my probation and it's an automatic 10 years behind bars.

it's all about money. Money for the counties, money for the private prison systems. Look into companies such as GEO and MTC private companies who run the prison system.      

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Police Caught Planting Drugs In Attempt To Frame Black Business Owner 

From Anonymous: Me and a friend spent the night in jail for public intoxication when we were completely sober. We were 18 and walking down the street in a small town in the middle of the night, going from his house to mine. A cop passed us then turned around and stopped us. He grilled us about having drugs and we didn't have any and he took us to jail.

At the jail they told us the charge was public intoxication and gave us a piece of paper to sign, guilty, not guilty or no contest. They said that "if we signed not guilty we'd have to wait in jail until the judge could see us, some time next week. And if we signed guilty, we'd spend the night and be released tomorrow morning." So we signed guilty and spent the night in jail.

From Anonymous: What few understand is that cops can write shit on paper and it is real in the eyes of the law. I read on paper that they read me my rights. I read on paper that I gave permission to search. ... well, I read a lot of things on paper that had its own reality. There were even things that I could have proven to be bogus but for a lawyer who worked against me. Advice - Do not hire lawyer from same town you are being tried in.    

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A former sailor convicted of rape and murder in Virginia more than three decades ago is innocent and should be released from prison, the state's highest court said Thursday.

The Virginia Supreme Court granted Keith Allen Harward's petition for a writ of actual innocence after new DNA tests failed to identify Harward's genetic profile in sperm left at the crime scene.

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Wrongful Convictions (True Stories)

By Christopher R Rice

The Innocence Project has helped free hundreds of wrongly convicted people from prison in the last decade, and they point to studies which estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent, which suggests that roughly 46,000 to 100,000 people are currently serving time for crimes that they did not commit. Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to believe that your innocence will protect you from prosecution.

From Anonymous: "In the late 90's in the Midwest while very fucked up I broke into a car in the middle of the night for its stereo, the owner came out, I ducked behind the house and my friend who was driving my car was waiting for me across the street in the drivers seat of my idling car, got my keys taken by the owner of said burglarized car, and I then beat the guy within an inch of his life attempting to get the keys back before we took off on foot minus the keys he threw during said beating, we escaped the cops barely and got back to his house 20 miles away.

They had my car, even though I got away, I knew I was caught. So what do I do? Cut my hair, put on glasses and cover tatts, and claim to be my friend who was driving, leaving me out of the violence. (I never involved him in it, he never got caught). I made up a story about giving a guy a ride home from a diner in the next town and he asked me to stop here ect. Well the beaten down guy decided he knew who did it....he fingered someone from my school, whom I had never met, as the person who attacked him. It was obvious there was some serious history behind these two as well, I told them it was NOT him and they charged him to the hilt anyway. I had my plea bargain and I told the courts when asked.... No it wasn't him.

I told my lawyer I won't go and let some fool who absolutely wasn't there, be stuck in prison due to this and if required I will testify in court. Fuck the consequences to my bargain.

My bargain was a day or 2 away from being scrapped over my refusal to identify him as the main perpetrator, and this man who didn't do a fucking thing at all, pled guilty to all the charges for a guaranteed 3 years in jail. This poor dude in the space of a few weeks PLED GUILTY to felony 2 or 3 assault and robberies. Railroaded at 17 years old, tried as an adult, and forced into a plea bargain instantly. All the while the guy they had (me) was denying even knowing him.

Due to him pleading, my bargain gotten via my 5,000 dollar lawyer which was probation for 2 years, stood. I think to date, this is the worst feeling in my life. And I've not had an easy life. To this day I hate our system more then anything and want nothing more then this shit to be destroyed by any means necessary.

As I understand it, his lawyer convinced him he had no option at all, and he should take the bargain or go up for 15 ish. Fuck American justice. Fuck everything about it."                

Stay Informed:


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A 74-year-old woman who served 32 years for a murder she did not commit was released from jail early Tuesday after students from USC's law school convinced the district attorney to reopen her case.

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Remain silent: what you don't say can't hurt you.

You have the right to refuse searches: saying no to searches can't be held against you.

Determine if you're free to go: police need evidence to detain you.

You don't have to let them in: police need a warrant to enter your home.

Report misconduct: be a good witness.

Don't get tricked: remember, police are allowed to lie to you.

The police have a very long history and pattern of abuse. Do a Google search and you'll see that this problem is nothing new.

Don't want your information monitored online? Whatever you do, don't Google.

Google Alternatives: DuckDuckGo / StartPage      

From Anonymous: Sadly the system is designed to favor the police/prosecution, especially in the lower courts and consequently those people who can't afford professional representation are easily fucked over. Even with good lawyers nothing is certain.

And it's FUBAR what lengths some police will go to secure a conviction.

In my case it was personal as the same cops had arrested me before for some minor shit (traffic) and I beat the charges in court representing myself. And as I was loosely associated with some local bikers - well, their clubhouse was behind my workshop (which I didn't realize until later was why the cops kept hassling me) as the cops were somehow thinking I was involved in some high level drug trafficking! (I wasn't, in fact far from it!)

So when they couldn't 'catch' me doing anything illegal, they lied. And they fucked around delaying the case in court so by the time I actually had a hearing, it was over 2 years after the offence, and when I appealed the Judge refused on the grounds "witness memories will no longer be valid!"

TL:DR: There are far too many innocent people "in the system". When a/the cops want you got, sooner of later, you're got. You can't win when the biggest gang in town is out for your arse!      

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